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Webinar Recording


Duration: 60 분

Panelists: Martin Heininger (Heicon), Winfried Schröder (Vector)

Applying ISO/IEC 29119 to AI-based Systems and ML Processes

AI and machine learning have found their way into our everyday lives and have long been found in many safety-critical areas.
Due to the lack of clear guidelines from certification authorities, one of the biggest challenges for software developers and test engineers is to clearly define the testing requirements for AI-based systems. Therefore, people have been waiting for appropriate guidelines for a long time which is now available with ISO/IEC TR 29119-11:2020. The ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119 represents a new series of standards for software testing that describes vocabulary, processes, documentation, and techniques for software testing. Part 11 specifically addresses the specific characteristics of AI-based systems and the explains the associated difficulties in establishing acceptance criteria for such systems.

In this free, one-hour webinar, the standard, ISO/IEC 29119 will be explained and a special focus will be placed on the new Part 11 of ISO29119. Does it meet the expectations that are placed upon it? What impact will this standard have on projects already underway that have AI in use?
These questions and more will be explained and answered by expert Martin Heininger, founder and managing director of Heicon Global Engineering.

- Introduction and overview of ISO 29119
- Definition of AI according to ISO29119, Part 11
- Normative requirements for testing AI and machine learning systems
- Black-box testing of AI systems
- White-box testing of AI systems
- Quality assurance for machine learning systems
- Test environments

This is a joint webinar of Heicon Global Engineering and Vector Informatik GmbH.
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