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Webinar Recording


Duration: 46 분

언어: English

Panelists: Marcelino Varas

PREEvision: Modelling High-Performance Computers and Mixed System Architectures

PREEvision AUTOSAR Webinar Series – Part 3/3

AUTOSAR Adaptive can be introduced successfully if hardware and software that is based on AUTOSAR Adaptive works well with the existing AUTOSAR Classic system components. Service-oriented architectures can bridge the gap between the two worlds from a software perspective. High performance computers running multiple operating systems can close the gap from a hardware perspective. This webinar looks at system architectures that combine AUTOSAR Classic and AUTOSAR Adaptive. It shows how existing architectures can be expanded by Adaptive components both in software and in hardware to benefit from the advantages of both platforms.

Attendance recommended for:

  • System, software and communication designer in the E/E development process



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