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Webinar Recording


Duration: 45 분

언어: English

Panelists: Joachim Scharf, Christian Nahlik and Gavin Rogers

How to optimally disturb CAN and CAN FD networks with the new VH6501 interface

As a successor to the well-known CANstress hardware, our new VH6501 enables the generation of a wide range of digital and analog disturbances for CAN and CAN FD. This makes it ideal for testing the reaction of CAN/CAN FD nodes on disturbances. Its product highlights are:

  • Precise and repeatable disturbances
  • Definition of arbitrary digital disturbance sequences from recessive and dominant levels
  • Various triggering conditions for digital disturbances
  • Comprehensive simulation option for line faults by comprehensive integration in CANoe
  • Full-fledged network interface for CAN / CAN FD


This live webinar will give you a product overview and a live demonstration to get to know the new disturbance hardware and its use cases. As usual, our experts will answer your questions directly.



  • General product launch
  • Description of the CAPL API for creating disturbance sequences
  • Practical use cases for VH6501


Target group

  • ECU Developers
  • Test Engineers