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Webinar Recording


Duration: 42 분

언어: English

Panelists: Christoph Heller, Stephan Herzog and Michael Vogel

Data Management for Measurements and Calibrations with CANape – Easily and Reliably

Autonomous Driving, Real Driving Emissions, increased vehicle variants – just three trends that drive the need to capture and evaluate terabytes of data while calibration and validating todays vehicles. This webinar will introduce how CANape offers integrated solutions to capture results from the vehicle directly to databases and data warehouses, thus leveraging it to generate value and knowledge for efficient development. You will learn:


  • Configure CANape with ECU software and attributes from the calibration server (vCDM)
  • Link measurements to ECU software by meta-information
  • Automatically derive analysis results while processing signal information (i.e. number of gear shifts)
  • Secure store measurement in the data management system (vMDM)
  • Query, browse and evaluate collections of measurements

Target Group

  • Calibration engineers and department heads
  • Measurement engineers and department heads
  • RDE responsibles
  • IT personnel tasked to provide infrastructure for