vFlash Remote 7 SP2

Updates existing installations of version 7 to 7 SP2. Not suitable for older versions.

New features and improvements

  • DoIP: Accept NACK from ECU on functional Tester Present (VFLS-49168)
    Context: Some ECUs cannot handle functional TesterPresents while other communication events are processed - the single buffer is blocked. The ECUs respond with a NACK. Since the functional TesterPresent is not necessary for this ECU, vFlash now simply accepts such NACKs and continues with communication/flashing.
  • DoIP: Offer all nodes responding to VIR and do not filter out supposed non-GW responses (VFLS-49035)
    Context: When using DoIP, vFlash uses VIRs (Vehicle Information Requests) to detect the DoIP entities. vFlash does now also offer nodes that are supposedly not considered as edge node and lets the user choose between all entities.
  • Custom Actions: Deliver a preconfigured vFlash Project to demo VDS IDE example incl. debugging (VFLS-49132)
    Context: Custom Actions can also be developed with the assistance of the "VDS IDE" as an extension for Visual Studio. The VDS IDE e.g. offers intellisense for Diagnostic object qualifiers.
  • Support additional datablock attributes for VBF (VFLS-49198)
    Context: Some vFlash Templates use "Datablock Attributes" to provide additional process information for a datablock. The Datablock Attributes are visible in the GUI. The user can enter the desired values that shall be used during flashing. These "Datablock Attributes" are now also available for vbf.
  • vFlash Remote: Extend Remote Support Report by HW configuration (VFLS-49241)
    Context: The Support Report created by the Support Assistant contains the Vector Hardware Configuration Report from the local machine. In case a connection issue occurred on remote side this report does not contain any useful information. So by now the Vector Hardware Configuration Report from the remote machine is included, not that from the local machine.
  • Support Mazda VBF 5.0 C4 (VFLS-49171)
    Context: Mazda has released an updated file format for flash data (VBF 5.0 C4). vFlash is now able to process the flash data. However, the complete feature set of the new format will be supported with a later vFlash version.
  • ODX-F: Support loading projects even if no EcuMemConnector is available (VFLS-49090)
    Context: As defined in the ODX specification EcuMems are the container of the data that shall be flashed. In case a vFlash project contained an invalid ODX-F file without EcuMemConnector loading the project was denied. By now it is possible to load these projects to have the possibility to correct the flashware.

Issues solved

  • DoIP on TLS: Allow deactivation of TLS (VFLS-49200)
    For vFlash Templates supporting TLS, it was not possible to deactivate TLS directly. Deactivation of TLS was only implicitly possible by selecting "Optional" for the "Handling" setting in the vFlash project configuration. vFlash therefore always tried to establish an unsecured connection to the ECU, first. If indicated by the ECU during the first attempt vFlash tried to connect once again over a secured DoIP session. Now TLS can be deactivated directly, so that vFlash never uses secured sessions.
  • Application closed when using a new Vector network-based Ethernet device with unconventional settings (VFLS-49210)
    Context: The issue could arise when using a Vector Ethernet Network Interface in network-based mode together with the driver version 21.10.20 and specific time synchronization settings.
  • The ECU name configured for TLS was not used in Automation use case (VFLS-49230)
    Context: When using TLS communication on DoIP with the Automation API, the configuration parameter "ECU name" was not forwarded to the security infrastructure. Note that this parameter is optional in most cases.
  • ODX-F: Attributes of global additional files weren't handled as global (VFLS-49187)
    If two ODX-F files were configured in the vFlash configuration, it was possible to define multiple global External Configuration Files (each for every ODX-F file). Since the files are defined as global they are considered as valid for all ODX-F files, now.
  • vFlash hung when modifying one of several loaded ODX-File (VFLS-49126)
    vFlash indicates the detection of changes in configured files via a specific dialog. If multiple ODX files were configured in vFlash and one of those files was modified afterwards, this dialog was not closable.
  • Expected- and Own-Idents matching failed for certain numeric values (VFLS-49178)
    Expected and Own Idents for ODX can have several types: UInt32, Bytefield (Byte Array), or ASCII. Until now vFlash only supported ASCII-encoded Idents. Now also types UInt32 and Bytefield are supported.
  • Identify variant sometimes failed on VN8810 (VFLS-49159)
    Context: Variant Identification for Custom Actions sporadically failed on VN8810 (using the vFlash VTP App). This was a timing issue that could occur on systems with a low amount of RAM (like the VN8810).
  • ODX-F: File was not properly loaded after loading invalid data (VFLS-49093)
    Context: After configuring invalid ODX-F data in vFlash, it was possible that valid data was not processed correctly.
  • ODX-F: Invalid external configuration files caused errors that were difficult for the user to analyze (VFLS-49204)
    Context: Adding external configuration files for ODX, that did not contain the required content, could lead to errors in vFlash. These errors were not reported with enough information to allow the user to correct the problem.
  • When using Security Manager, empty authentication parameters could not be persisted (VFLS-49158)
    It was not possible to save a vFlash project that has empty Authentication parameter values. 
  • Statistics View: Flashing aborted flashing if same datablock/segment was transferred multiple times (VFLS-49153)
    Context: In case the user either configured the same datablock several times or the driver was downloaded repeatedly vFlash could not successfully flash the whole setup.
  • vFlash did not offer a sufficient error message when trying to load vFlashPacks with too long filenames (VFLS-49208)
    Context: On Windows systems file paths and file names with more than 250 character are problematic. vFlash now informs the user clearly.


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