DaVinci Configurator Pro 5.23.25

Extends MICROSAR deliveries with the DaVinci Configurator Pro 5.23. Not suitable for other versions. In case an according license is already activated on your PC no further renewal of this activation is necessary.


Improved display of input file analysis and project update results

  • Introduction of a workflow log view to give access to the messages of the Input File Workflow after this is finished.
  • Introduction of an XML-based log-file

Improve VFB Trace Functions Configuration

  • Enhance filtering for the configuration

Rework 'Add ECUC File References' dialog

  • Enable selection of multiple entries. Currently, only one row can be selected (to execute remove action from toolbar).
  • Make actions in the toolbar dependent on the selection ('add' always enabled, 'remove' if at least one file is selected).

BaseEcuC Generator Features and Issue Fixes

  • Improve ComSignalGroup and ComGroupSignal derivation of ADMIN-DATA parameters
  • Apply SoftDerived Parameter to restored derived container
  • Support of LinIfProtocolType SAE_J2602_2012
  • Derive packaged Pdus of different Channel
  • Implement new ASR 4.5 mapping rules for Sd
  • Implement new ASR 4.5 mapping rules for DoIP
  • ComSignalGroup parameters are not dervied for bi-directional ISignals
  • Don't derive NmGlobalFeatures.NmBusSynchronizationEnabled anymore
  • Not all IPdu Type are considered when reading J1939TpPg.tpSdu
  • For EIRA Rx ComMSignals no ComMPncComSignalChannelRef is needed

Miscellaneous Tool Features

  • Adapt RuleBasedValueSpecification Handling to AR20-11
  • Add the check box for 'Generic Legacy Diagnostic Import' at Diagnostic Data Page
  • Guarantee deterministic PDU Graph layout
  • Improvements of (module-specific) Derivative selection
  • Show Module Description in Wizard
  • Performance Optimization ConnectorValidationRule

Fixed Issues

  • AUTOSAR file split not supported for reference lists
  • Unhadled Event Loop Exception in IO HardwareAbstraction Editor
  • Exception in BaseEcuc Generator when checking SecuredIPdus for dynamic length feature
  • SwcTemplateProducer does not check struct element init values against Struct element data type
  • Switching to the last editor throws an error message
  • Duplicate a PduR container takes 20 minutes
  • NullPointerException occurs if DATA-IDENTIFIER-REF of a DIAGNOSTIC-READ-DATA-BY-IDENTIFIER cannot be resolved
  • Generation dialog freezes
  • Derive DiagnosticCommonProps elements
  • SwcGeneration: Assigning more than one timing event to a runnable fails
  • Lists with many multi-instance parameters are slow in postbuild projects
  • SwcGeneration: InitMode changes are not synchronized for ModeDeclarationGroups
  • Grid Filter Tooltip opens on wrong monitor
  • DaVinci Configurator crash when executed in PC using VPN with iPV6 MAC address configuration
  • Validation view stays empty even though the tab displays a counter > 0
  • Menu option 'Build VTT Project' is not enabled in component-based SIP


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