CANdelaStudio 14 SP1

Updates existing installations of version 14 to 14 SP1. Not suitable for older versions.


  • Integrate Vector License Client 5.3 (CDS-72810)
    See [IBP-R040]. This includes the updated CodeMeterRuntime 7.10a [IPR-R050] fixing a security issue reported by WIBU Systems.

DEXT Export 18.1.0 (R25)

  • Integrate DDM 18.1.0 (CDS-72812)
    See [IBP-R050] and [DEXT-R050].
  • Export diagnostic session settings (Dcm-2972)
    It is now possible to configure the property Jump-To-Bootloader in a CANdelaStudio template.
  • Export filter to ignore services (Dcm-2554, CDS-72249)
    If a diagnostic service has an attribute "ServiceRelevantForAutosar" and the attribute contains the value "false", then DEXT Export and Cfg5 CDD Import skip the service. See [DEXT-R232].
  • Export scaling data to DEXT Scaling data from AUTOSAR version v4.4.0 upwards
  • Adapt OBD service 0x06 to AUTOSAR v4.4.0DEXT export now supports AUTOSAR schema v4.4.0 for OBD service 0x06.

Issues Solved

  • Security issue reported by WIBU Systems (
    Fixed by the updated CodeMeterRuntime 7.10a [IPR-R050] (CDS-72810).
  • Crash after unsharing Diagnostic Instance in Property Page (CDS-72757, merge CDS-72814)
    Change authorization "Required in all variants" from "no" to "yes", then "Replace this shared diagnostic instance by copy".
  • Crash after Old Document Upgrade (Template only) in right side of a new Diagnostic Instance (CDS-72730, merge CDS-72816)
    Menu [MENU-R565]. Workaround: save the document after Document Upgrade, close and reload it.
  • Crash in Compare View transfer after Old Document Upgrade (CDS-72765, merge CDS-72813)
    Menu [MENU-R560]. In Compare dialog shown after hint "There are still differences after upgrade...", transfer some DIDs.
  • Crash when Translating Document with Event Data Attributes (CDS-72754, merge CDC-44540)
    E.g. after adding a new language. Events and their attributes are available since v12, see [ATTR-R050-Event].
  • Crash when changing name of singleton Diagnostic Instance (CDS-72736)
    The name control [DIUI-R530] must be read-only for singletons.
  • Crash when Un-Checking Extended Data Record to Store for many DTCs (CDS-72731)
    TAB "Extended Data Records per DTC" [EDUI-R500].
  • AUTOSAR Fault memory: set "store all" Extended Data Record for DTC takes long time (1 min) (CDS-72303, merge CDS-72819)
    TAB "Extended Data Records per DTC" [EDUI-R500], related with previous item CDS-72731.
  • Crash if transferring AUTOSAR Extended Data Record Referencing a DID (CDC-44543)
    Document Upgrade for a v13 AUTOSAR FaultMemory which has an Extended Data Record referencing a DID via a DID Reference.
  • Crash on Deleting DIDs Shared in Library (CDC-44441)
    Deleting DIDs shared between libraries and variants.


  • Document Upgrade Creates Non-unique Function Syntax (CDC-44505)
    Since v13 (CDC-44412).
  • Identifying Feature not Usable for Vehicle System Group (CDS-72709)
    An Identifying Pattern cannot be enabled for a Vehicle System Group if some objects (Data Objects, Diagnostic Instance, Job, Service) associated with the Identifying Feature do not exist in some Variants the Vehicle System Group is activated for. Corrected that condition, improved the error message.
  • Property Dialog Does not Store TextID (CDS-72686, merge CDS-72817)
    Diagnostic Instance Property Dialog did not accept a TextID with OK or Apply. It worked in dialog "Edit TextID", it worked in v12.
  • 5-char Rule Uses Incorrect Prefix for Job Parameter (CDC-44504)
  • Modification of Diagnostic Instance Name does not Update Shortcuts (CDS-72811)
    See shortcuts [SHC-R100]f.
  • Unlink Requirement Does not Work for DID (CDC-44544, merge CDC-44545)
    If a Diagnostic Instance is coupled with a DID, CANdelaStudio now resets the requirements link at the DID, too. Cf. [RQUI-R230-DIDs].


  • Wrong Service Addressing Display for UDS (CDS-72377)
    In the Service and Protocol Service Addressing Dialog, for physical (top) and function (bottom) addressing, in situations where CANdelaStudio since v11 (CDS-39671) shows the text "UDS ECU always supports...", if the property is actually false in the data, now the dialog shows the checkbox, not the text (in this case misleading) "UDS ECU always support physical addressing" (dito for functional).
  • Frontend Shows Wrong Fixed Data (CDS-72728)
    In v13 / new v14 right side.
  • View not updated after Variant/Instance plug-in runs (CDS-72768)
    See plug-ins[PLG-R100-Variant], [PLG-R100-Instance].

Translation View

  • Variant Filter Does not Include Text Table Entries (CDS-72752)
    The filter covered only the name of a Text Table referenced in the filtered Variant, not the other translatable properties. Cf. the filter [TRV-R210].


  • Command line option /m does not work for Vector License (CDS-72003, merge CDS-72818)
    See [CLI-R100-edition]. This also affected the CANdelaStudio Launcher [CDSL-R810]: if you chose a license lower than the one currently installed, CANdelaStudio ignored that option.


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