CANape 18.0 SP2

Updates existing installations of version 18.0 to 18.0.20 SP2. The following changes become effective with version 18.0.20:

User Operation and Display

  • Several GUI improvements to resolve scaling issues on monitors with high resolutions (4k).
  • Fixed resource leak, which caused a continuous increasing consumption of system handles.
  • Performance improvement when importing ARXML databases with several clusters.
  • If a project has several devices with the same A2L, the search in the Symbol Explorer now returns results for all the devices.
  • Graphic windows with time axis labels with bigger font size will be displayed correctly.
  • MappleG map material can be displayed again.
  • The menu bar of the device configuration was optimized for 4K displays.
  • Partial configurations can now also be saved if they contain elements that have been copied from another, inactive partial configuration.

Communication Protocols

  • FlexRay Monitor: An error that occurred during the import of ARXML files was fixed.
  • Problems with virtual measurement signals in DHPR mode are fixed.
  • Ethernet monitor: The byte order of E2E signals has been rectified.
  • Support of CAN FD AUTOSAR container I-PDUs without PDU header according to the ARXML 4.3.1 specification
  • XCP: Improved recording of data for XCP DAQ measurements using consistency mode event.
  • Ethernet Monitor: Big Endian (Motorola) is used as default for signals without byte order.
  • DLT: Corrected communication via VLAN in case of additional devices (e.g. XCP)
  • Ethernet Monitor: Extended the import from ARXML databases (PDUs without and with incomplete AEP are imported)
  • Network-based Ethernet: Corrected communication via IPv6
  • BOA: Added support for the 64-bit driver
  • SOME/IP: The byte order of the Get method in case of Motorola is now correct.

Measurement Data Acquisition

  • During recording of FlexRay bus messages with activated parameter logging, parameters are saved in their own channel groups to avoid flush mode errors.
  • For easier sorting, the signal-object adapter has adapted the display of signals arranged in channel groups.
  • Added UDP support for raw-data devices
  • Constant numerical values can also be used for signal-based objects.
  • Support of 48-bit signals in the signal-object adapter.
  • Reduced CPU usage when a Hesai point cloud is displayed.
  • Added VX1161.51 (video card) support
  • During measurement the data processing rate is improved by distributing the devices to all processor cores.
  • Performance improvement for XCP and raw data DHPR
  • Time synchronization: Corrected the hardware synchronization for more than 32 XL channels
  • When measuring single elements of an array the MAP offset is now correctly considered.
  • Usability improvement for raw data and VX1161 video devices
  • The default event for measurements defined in A2L files for structures will be used.
  • Calculated offset compensation values can be saved in the project and will be available at the next project start.
  • Object detection can be measure over the Ibeo LUX device.
  • The signal-object adapter takes externally modified data bases into account.
  • Network-based Ethernet: Corrected an offset error in XCP timestamps
  • Improved compatibility with Velodyne VLS128 sensors


  • The IEEE format discontinued in version 18.0 can again be used as MAP format.

Calibration Data Management (Parameter sets & vCDMstudio)

  • Folder structures in datasets are saved correctly.
  • Improved robustness when opening and closing the dataset management or a vCDMstudio with dataset management. When the window is closed while the dataset management view is active, this state is saved correctly.
  • Improved processing of value changes in maps/curves containing a huge number of values when working with dataset management.
  • In vCDMstudio attribute-based filters can now be used to search for parameters which are bigger or smaller than a specified value using the functions "Search physical value" and "Search decimal value". The comparison can be limited to a defined position in multi-dimensional parameters.
  • The vCDMstudio examples for automation via the command line or the COM interface were extended and adapted.
  • Performance improvement for activating datasets. This now takes less time.
  • Improved treatment of the A2L attribute ECU-ADDRESS_EXTENSION when displaying the parameters of a device in vCDMstudio.


  • COM/API: Corrected parameters of the function WriteCalibrationObject analog to ReadCalibrationObject


  • When virtual parameters are calculated / initialised, the values are saved into a session-independent file and used when initialising a device. If the file is missing or inconsistent, the values defined in the A2L are used. The calculation of dependent parameters is done only when an input variable (e.g. a virtual parameter) is changed explicitly.


  • Diagnostics: When CAN and CAN FD devices were used in parallel, connection interruptions no longer occur.
  • CASL scripts created by diagnostic windows will be shown in the Function Editor too.
  • The network-based Ethernet access now also supports DoIP.

VX PlugIn

  • VXTools 4.1 were integrated.


  • Multiple display of multimedia signals resulted in missing displayed signals when closing windows.
  • Like video files, video streams within MF4 files can be controlled by the buttons of the Video window.

Functions and Scripts

  • Virtual file signals and measurement functions can return multi-dimensional values (arrays) as function result.
  • Signals from DAT files with a name containing a $ character can be accessed via CASL code.
  • CASL functions are able to modify the timestamp of calculated values for measurement functions or virtual file signals.

Data Mining

  • Fixed random skipping of files during Data Mining in the CANape analysis mode.
  • It is possible to analyze a Data Mining result while the same Data Mining configuration is calculated in background.
  • Enabled Data Mining analysis if CANape is running in Analysis Mode.
  • The synchronization of a video file timestamp and the global measurement cursor has been improved for Data Mining results.

Driver Assistance

  • The zoom behavior in the Grafx view of the Multimedia window has been adjusted for swapped boundaries.
  • When running CANape in analysis mode using a vSignalyzer license, the vSignalyzer option Driver Assistance is supported, too.
  • Aligned recognition of product specific licenses for the option Driver Assistance to the corresponding products.
  • Multiple static GFX objects can be used in all ADAS windows.
  • MDF file exchange is supported for GFX objects.
  • Support of partial configurations for the GFX objects of the new ADAS windows.
  • Data in the GPS window was not displayed correctly after replacing a measurement file.
  • No more deployment of OpenStreetMap tile server URL
  • In the Scene window, the view can be moved with the right mouse button.
  • New GFX objects: "Polynomial", "Polygon", "Polyline" and "Line"
  • For the GFX object "Image", the aspect ratio can be maintained by omitting height or width.
  • Flat GFX objects, such as the rectangle, offer a different placement of the base point.
  • More settings for mouse sensitivity and mouse wheel in the Scene window
  • Importing configurations saved with 17.0 could cause a crash if GFX objects were defined.

Measurement Data Visualization and Manual Analysis

  • Multi-digit signal-value indices of Graphic windows are printed correctly.
  • The count of digits of values from color tables was increased to support values greater then 10E6.
  • When the difference cursor is activated, the difference of added signals will be displayed at once.
  • Errors during calculation of sample reduction for signals with unsteady cycle time will not prohibit displaying these signals
  • Improved naming and displaying of events from MDF files in the Symbol Explorer
  • The tooltip window for signal values in Graphic windows uses the shortening rules for signal names.

Working with Measurement Files

  • The MATLAB Export converter ignores structures and exports just the structures signals.
  • Measurement comments up to 10.000 characters are supported by the Excel, ASCII and MATLAB Export converter.
  • The bus logging import converter marks signal values in MDF4 files as invalid if the value cannot be set because of a too short DLC.
  • Improved progress bar during loading of measurement files to get a continuous growing progress for all loading steps.
  • The MDF Shell Extension keeps values of user-defined properties even if the properties dialog is closed with OK.
  • When displaying signals from MATLAB files, time information can be taken from signals named "time" or "t" for better support of MAT files generated by the MATLAB Export converter.
  • The MATLAB Export converter will save signals with more than 8192 missing values correctly into the fixed time raster format.
  • If parts of opened bus logging files shall be saved into a new file, the temporarily added signal description is stored, too.
  • The new file name is displayed in the Symbol Explorer if imported measurement files are saved as MDF file.
  • CANconv: Improved performance when importing ARXML files with several clusters.
  • Logging converter: Corrected the interpretation of PDUs on FlexRay for MDF4 bus logging
  • The Excel and MATLAB measurement data export converter supports the new LAB file format containing structures.
  • Logging converter: Improved converting of multiple ARXML files
  • Logging converter: Corrected the conversion if the ECU sends additional, non-modelled data
  • The conversion of bus logging files supports up to 255 database files.
  • The converter settings will be added as attachment if bus logging files are converted into MDF4 files.
  • A menu icon was added to display the comment of opened measurement files.
  • The measurement split converter supports file paths up to 255 characters.
  • The import converter for TDMS measurement files supports time channels with very large values.
  • Support for CANoe System Variables during import of buslogging files was improved.

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