ASAP2 Tool-Set 14.0

카테고리 : 데모
용량 : 1.02 GB
MD5 Hash : 349aeb3129f0d838ba2a675edb5e91b5

Contains Creator, Checker, Updater, Merger, Modifier, Comparer and ASAP2 Studio:

  • Creator: automatically creates ASAP2 files based on C-code comments. A demo of the Creator is not available, but we can check the availability of a time-limited trial version for you. Contact:
  • Checker: performs both a syntax check and a set of semantic and plausibility checks for a given ASAP2 file
  • The Updater reads an ASAP2 source file and updates all address and data type information on the basis of the entries in a linker map file.
  • Merger: creates one common ASAP2 files from multiple files. The demo versions of Updater, Merger and Modifier have a limit in the number of objects written to result file.
  • Modifier: filter ASAP2 files and execute user-defined modifications
  • The Comparer compares two ASAP2 files and writes the results to a log file. The demo version has a limit in the number of objects compared.
  • ASAP2 Studio: for the administration of ECU databases in A2L format. All information can be viewed, entered and changed dialog-based.

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