CANdelaStudio 10 Patch 4

Updates existing installations of version 10 to 10 Patch 4. Not suitable for older versions. If you already installed separate plugin/data exchange patches for the Service Pack: these are not included, please install them again after installation of the Service Pack.


  • Old Segment Number: no check (CDS-71336)
    For customer specific feature CASU-3074 "Extend segment number (SegNum) > 99" [SEGNUM-R100] (CDS-68973 v10), CANdelaStudio restores the behavior before v10: it does not check segment number uniqueness, neither for activated nor for deactivated diagnostic instances.

Issues Solved

  • Crash after Plugin Run in Translation View (CDS-71373)
    In Translation View, CANdelaStudio no more provides Ribbon Tools | Plugin (Document), which led to a crash.
  • Crash after DOORS Requirement Converter Import (CDS-71308)
    CANdelaStudio now tolerates duplicate column names in requirements CSV import.
  • Crash on startup if processor info not set (CDS-71365)
    Avoids crash on a strange system configuration, where processor info is not set in the windows control panel.
  • Crash on Variant Coding Keys Tree Node (CDS-71368 merge of CDS-71008 of v12)
  • State Transition to Yes only via No (CDS-71371)
    In tree node State/Dependencies or in service property page "State Transitions", click a cell that is neither "no" nor "yes" (e.g. "Programming"), select "yes" and close the combo-box, CANdelaStudio did not change the value.
  • Windows 10: Output Window link shows Windows Message (CDS-71403)
    Occurs on Windows 10 only. The Output Window contains a hyperlink within the CANdela document. CANdelaStudio erroneously let the hyperlink pass as "unhandled" to Windows, which offers to "handle" the hyperlink by installing an App from the Windows AppStore.
  • Mux view does not update on switching Tab (CDS-71200)
    In Fault Memory, snapshot data specific per DTC, the "Default" list was shown empty.
  • Job File Manager: "Save as" button does not work (CDS-71309 merge of CDS-70627 of v11)
    Ribbon button "Document" > "Job File Manager". Also fixes CDS-71335 for editing a jar file.
  • Let DEXT Export of 10 correctly detect a v11 license (CDS-71360 merge of CDS-70800 of v11)


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