CANape 16.0 SP3

카테고리 : 서비스팩
용량 : 2.01 GB
MD5 Hash : e21ff3958670e8b40d49bf77e7e24c2c

설치되어있는 버전 16.0을 버전16.0.32 SP3로 업데이트합니다.

The following changes become effective with version 16.0.32:

User Operation and Display

  • A problem regarding license recognition after waking Windows from hibernation mode has been fixed.
  • If a new signal is added to the measurement list via the measurement configuration and assigned to the default recorder, the link of that signal to the recorder is saved correctly in the CNA.
  • It is possible again to use a global variable to change the activated tab of a TabControl in a panel window.


  • When flashing the ECU, unwarranted timeouts while the ECU is sending "response pending" are prevented.

Working with Measurement Files

  • BusLogging files in PCAP format are now written correctly.

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