Manual VH1150

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Detailed manual with technical information, installation and configuration instructions and other helpful topics. The CANoe test hardware VH1150 is a USB-hardware for automating ECU conformance tests for CAN and LIN. It is typically used by CANoe-based test implementations to automatically hardware reset the ECU before each test case. Further applications include the programmed adjustment of the ECU’s supply voltage and the automated detection of sleep and wake modes by measuring the ECU’s current consumption. Additionally the VH1150 supports stress features to produce a ground offset or to limit the recessive level of the LIN line. It is also possible to short circuit or interrupt CAN and LIN lines. The VH1150 provides IO lines which allow to interface with external devices. Currently this hardware is used by the Vector CANoe Test Package VAG for CAN high-speed and by the LIN conformance tests implementation provided with CANoe.LIN.

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