DaVinci Configurator Pro 5.16.27

Extends MICROSAR deliveries with the DaVinci Configurator Pro 5.16. Not suitable for other versions. In case an according license is already activated on your PC no further renewal of this activation is necessary.


Platform Development Support

  • Definition of platform function in the Project Settings Editor
  • User-defined assignment of EcuC containers to a platform function (explicit assignment)
  • Automatic inheritance of function assignment for child containers and referenced containers (implicit assignment)
  • Implicit assignment of RTE and OS configuration based on function assignment of SWCs
  • Selective import and merge of platform functions via the Project Merge Assistant

Usability Improvements

  • Copy & paste of partial module configurations between DaVinci projects
  • Central toolbar switch to display reference parameters either with full path or only as short name
  • Support of multiple column filters in grid views
  • New layout of the New Project Assistant
  • Restore the tree expansion and selection state after switching the displayed variant (Basic Editor only)
  • Bus Controller Editor: improved performance and usability of Bus Timing Configuration dialog for CAN
  • Bus Controller Editor: improved CAN acceptance mask configuration
  • Display of project status in the status line of the main window
  • Change default action of 'Edit Variance' assistant to 'Detailed configuration of variance' and remember last choice
  • Automatic selection of newly created elements in tree
  • Activate additional VTT modules during update workflow
  • Option to run the SWC template generation during the code generation


  • Extensions for task mapping and component prototype creation

Miscellaneous Tool Features

  • ECUC file granularity can be changed after project creation
  • Schema validation of System Extract input files during the update workflow
  • Derive CanTSyn, FrTSyn and StdM according AUTOSAR 4.3
  • Derivative selection during SIP update
  • Support of PRPortProtoypes for service SWCs with Sender/Receiver interfaces (used by Dem and Dcm)
  • Validation of MetaDataLength for optimized Client/Server modelling according to AUTOSAR 4.3

Fixed Issues

  • Text is clipped in 'Edit variance' dialog
  • Status tab in PropertiesView and CopyPath does not work on variant parameters
  • Standard Create Parameter Action does not correctly consider parameters in non-existent chosen choice containers
  • Last-Editor toolbar action does not work anymore for Overview-Pages and more
  • Editor displays 'More than 5000 errors' message even though it displays no error
  • TP Editor does not update content after a relevant model change
  • 'Show unconnected ports only' does not have an effect on unmapped ports
  • Invalid derivation of J1939DcmBusType; missing J1939DcmChannels
  • Support Admin-Data elements in the ECUC in Diff&Merge
  • A solving action of a potentially invalid on-demand result should not be executable
  • Diff&Merge: Parameter is duplicated if it exists already without value
  • Remove old outdated information from InternalBehavior
  • No error icons are shown within the ClockReferencePoints grid
  • Adjust FrTpConnection naming rule
  • ComMPncComSignal for ERIA Rx pdu missing
  • Change derivation of CanHardwareObject, CanIfHxhConfig container
  • Create Parameter Operation is enabled in Context Menu on Parameters with 0:0 Multiplicity
  • ECU Composition does not show RTE59000 in ECU Software Components Editor
  • Grid of Task Mapping Editor disappears on switching grouping mode
  • Change the derivation of CanTpRxTaType to AUTOSAR 4.3
  • Derive CanNmVariant dependent of NmPassiveModeEnabled
  • Provide SolvingActions for 'AR-ECUC02067 A choice-container must have exactly one choice child'
  • Validation View context menu is not resized correctly
  • BSW Management Editor shows actions of inactive variants
  • Error about multiple reference targets is reported when creating a logical expression
  • MCU Editor not available in .MCAL tool version
  • Automap does not consider delegation ports as potential targets
  • Consider the signal group name for the Data Mapping Assistant
  • Derive only from TpConnections that are used by the ECU instance of the System Extract
  • The derivation of the SecOc Pdu and the contained AuthenticPdu is changed for the Gateway use case
  • Remove derivation of parameter CanTpRxNSduId
  • SignalGroups with Com Based Transformers are not shown as serialized
  • Remove derivation of XcpOnCanEnabled
  • LinTpNumberOfRxNSdu / LinTpNumberOfTxNSdu are not derived anymore
  • Properties View does not show default value for parameters of type String
  • Task Mapping: setting a selection makes grid column width non-resizeable
  • Change mapping rule for SoAdRxUpperLayerType and SoAdTxUpperLayerType with DcmIPdus
  • No Com and/or LdCom module are derived if no ISignalIPdus are used by the ECU
  • FrIfUserRxIndicationUL and FrIfTxPduUserTxConfirmation is not set to XCP
  • Data Mapping Assistant shows channel name instead of cluster name
  • Change mapping rule for PDU type in SoAd and DoIP for DcmIPdus
  • Derive DoIPLogicalAddress parameter for the DoIP module
  • System Description cannot be synchronized when changing type of init value


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