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DaVinci Configurator Pro 5.8.29 SP1

Updates existing installations of version 5.8 to 5.8 SP1. Not suitable for other versions. In case an according license is already activated on your PC no further renewal of this activation is necessary.

With DaVinci Configurator 5.8 (SP1) the following changes become effective:


  • Resource change supervision: detailed action feedback
  • Derive Protocol-Type for ISOBUS TPs
  • Comfort editor for Transport Protocol LIN
  • Support of project update with external file references within dpa and DaVinci Developer workspace
  • Basic schema support for AUTOSAR 4.2.1

Fixed Issues

  • Tree-Tooltip: When children errors exist, own errors are not fully displayed in tooltip
  • Create only one DemEvent for variant DemEventParameterRefs
  • ECU extractor: extract ISignalIPdus of static and dynamic parts of extracted MultiplexedIPdus
  • RTE freeze file contains FIBEX-ELEMENT-REF-CONDITIONAL and UUID diffs
  • In place editing of multi-instance parameter causes NullPointerException
  • Project new assistant uses incorrect VTT project extension
  • LIN Controller editor does not display "Channel Wakeup Support" parameter correctly
  • Modifications on DCF file are not reported to the user
  • Workflow Diagnostic Import: LegacyImportSignal flag is not correctly evaluated
  • RTE freeze checksum calculation differs for ignored objects
  • Validation Rules for Mpc560xp (Stm Variante) - Correct calculation for Mcu_CMU1_CLOCK
  • Inplace editing does not work for Multi-Instance Callback Parameters
  • Link-Issues in Signals-Editor and PDUs-Editor
  • Show [V] within grid in status column instead of first column
  • Exception when creating new EcuMSleepModes using ECU Management editor
  • GUI issues in mode management domain editors
  • Wrong persistency export filter used for the RTE freeze file
  • Validation Rule DET80000 is not enabled if non-MICROSAR Det module is activated
  • Communication editor doesn't work without activated COM-Module
  • Name of parent truncated in reference parameter control
  • Tooltip in trees: When children errors exist, own errors are not fully displayed in tooltip
  • ExclusiveArea always shows EaBlockId
  • Entering non-alphanumerical hides input field in multi-editing dialog in grid based editors
  • Can't create new projects on network shares
  • Modules are not considered by 'DetActivationCheck'
  • Displayed paths to definition files
  • Nondeterministic display of Non-Existent-Parameter Icon
  • Update Utility hides some update errors
  • Undo-Toolbar-Button is not updated after 'Configuration Phase' switch
  • Invalid Connector Validation is ignored by consistency for PR-Ports
  • The --genArg parameter of DVCfgCmd overwrites previous values without warning
  • The --genArg parameter of DVCfgCmd doesn't report errors when argument and value are missing
  • Wrong order of Ref-Parameter after Cdd Update
  • Implement usage of new naming rule in Com mappings
  • 'ReadOnly' parameter can be deleted, however it cannot be created again.
  • ProjectStandardConfiguration: Adaptation of ComMChannel name
  • WakeUp triggers not filtered from "Create WakeUp source" dialog
  • Watchdogs editor doesn't show new instances if a new Wdg module instance is activated
  • Choice reference controls are not updated after changing reference target
  • Display of strange error if .dpa Derivative tag contains blanks/
  • ComSignals not created correct for bi-directional Signals
  • Wrong editor representation of more than one instance of 1:1 parameters
  • Gateway routing paths not derived for Ethernet Pdus
  • Properties view isn't updated if variance state of the currently selected element changes
  • Nested complex DataElementPrototypes are not completely expanded even if root is mapped to a SignalGroup
  • Removing the last delegation port data mapping does not revalidate open delegation ports
  • Report generation overwrites existing reports without warning
  • Report can't be generated if SIP path contains special characters
  • Report generates .xml file as well
  • Unhandled event loop exception when deleting a ScheduleTable container in Os Configuration Editor
  • Mcu Comfort Editor for Mpc560xp platforms: enumeration values do not match definition
  • Initialization editor: provide possibility for creating InitFunctions for outdated or non-MICROSAR modules
  • Project update fails when using 'Ecu-C only' update option with existing project
  • State Description field is not grayed when specifying a CDD file
  • EcuMWakeupSourceMask references are not set correctly
  • BaseEcucGenerator ignores project standard configuration files if no System Extract is used
  • PDUs editor: configuration of a different value in each variant for a parameter is not possible
  • Commandline: Enable "OnlyEcuc" Update mode for cmdUpdate
  • Copy of files with space characters in path doesn't work correctly
  • Modifying the access rights of project file leads to corrupted user message
  • Update Workflow fails if input file is read-only and is used more than once per variant
  • Multi-Triggering: too much Global Pdus are derived for Pdus with multiple FrameTriggerings
  • Watchdogs editor's configuration tab tree control is not updated
  • Allow GUI thread access during workbench startup
  • MemoryLeak in UI Update-Workflow
  • Value change in post-build phase fails for PB-L/S parameter with variant-multiplicity == false
  • 'Make path relative' operation doesn't work for files on other drives
  • Slave-to-Slave LinIfFrame is not derived on Master Node
  • SWCGeneration: All DEM Ports are removed after SIP-Update
  • Validation Error PDUR04001 occurs
  • Multi-Triggering: CanIfRxPduRef not derived for Pdus with multiple FrameTriggerings
  • Misleading error message during phase switch when a container definition is missing
  • Create new state description dialog displays the wrong file path
  • Assistants 'Create support request package' & 'Compare and Merge Project'
  • Link-Issues in Signals-Editor and PDUs-Editor


  • Fixed slow performance during update
  • Improve model access performance of invariant projects
  • Improve performance of PostBuildSelectable data model handling
  • Improve scaling on large UUID updates


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