TESIS Is Now Part of the Vector Family

TESIS Integrated into the Vector Family

TESIS -  the experts for virtual test driving - was acquired by Vector in 2019. The corporate merger of TESIS GmbH with Vector Informatik GmbH was completed at the end of 2020. 

The TESIS expertise is now embedded into the strong Vector family. Together we are even more prepared for any challenge and we can provide latest simulation technology for your control function development in ADAS/AD, chassis, drivetrain etc.

Our key product DYNA4 - Virtual Test Driving interacts smoothly with Vector products, e.g. with CANoe and real-time hardware. An important advantage of DYNA4, nevertheless, is the vast openness and integration capability. Vector continues to grant full flexibility for the connection of DYNA4 with various software and hardware platforms.

The simulation models and analysis functions of the former TESIS products veDYNA (vehicle dynamics simulation) and enDYNA (engine dynamics simulation) are completely available in DYNA4. Learn more about DYNA4.

If you have any technical questions please contact the Vector support team
For questions regarding license renewal, contact us via dyna4@vector.com.

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