Scalable ECU Interfaces for Maximum Data Transfer Rates

VX1000 Measurement & Calibration Hardware

The VX1000 System is a scalable solution with top performance for ECU your measurement and calibration tasks. It can be used in the vehicle – both in the cabin and in the engine compartment – on test benches and in the laboratory. Especially when developing ADAS ECUs, this allows you to control raw data captured by high-resolution radar sensors in combination with XCP data, e.g. object/tracking lists. The system forms the interface between the ECU and a measurement and calibration tool such as CANape. For high data throughput with minimal impact on ECU run-­time, data is accessed over the microcontroller-specific data trace and debug ports.

The VX1000 Base Module is connected to the PC over XCP on Ethernet, an OEM-independent ASAM standard that is widely used in the automotive industry. The VX1000 measurement hardware is connected to the ECU via a POD (Plug-On device). Depending on the available microcontroller interface, either the data trace or a copying method can be used to acquire measurement data.

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Introducing the VX1161 Multi Base Module

Photo of VX1161 Multi Base Module

Compact Measurement and Calibration Hardware for Multiple ECUs

Its modular and individually configurable setup makes the VX1161 Multi Base Module the ideal solution for measurement and calibration of many ECUs in parallel. Especially when developing ADAS applications, the VX1161 Multi Base Module allows you to capture raw data and XCP data from multiple high-resolution radar sensors and XCP data from ADAS fusion ECUs in a very compact setup.


  • Very high measurement data throughput of more than 100 MByte/s for XCP data and radar raw data with the data trace measurement method and up to 3 MByte/s with the data copying method
  • Measurement of fast signal cycles (>10 µs for data trace, >40 µs for data copying method)
  • Measurement configurations with up to 100,000 signals can be processed
  • Precise generation of DAQ time stamps in the ECU
  • ECU cold start measurement (First Loop DAQ)
  • Calibration of ECU parameters without address range limitations
  • Calibration memory page switching
  • Automatic overlays when calibrating parameters in flash memory
  • Stimulation or bypassing with short latency times
  • 100/1000 Mbit/s Ethernet connection to the PC
  • Galvanically isolated power supply with wide input voltage range
  • POD power supply via the VX1000 Base Module
  • Optional: Flash programming, even for “brain-dead” ECUs
  • Optional: 1 x FlexRay and up to 5 x CAN (FD)  via XL Driver Library interface for CANape/CANalyzer/CANoe and custom applications
  • PC tools for easy configuration and for software updates

Supported Microcontrollers

Serial target interfaces are controller access points or debug interfaces at which the measurement data is acquired by means of DMA read/write accesses to the controller memory. A VX154x Serial POD is used to connect the VX1000 Base Module to targets with serial target interfaces. This POD is characterized by its very compact dimensions and extremely small power output.

TriCore TC1xxx (ED) via DAP
TriCore AURIX TC2xx (ED) via DAP2 or HSCT
TriCore AURIX TC3xx (ED) via DAP2 or HSCT
XC2000 Family via DAP
PowerPC xPC5xxx via Nexus JTAG Class 2+ oder Zipwire
RH850 via Nexus JTAG Class 2+
V850E2 via Nexus JTAG Class 2+
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This group of target interfaces includes all the data trace interfaces with parallel data bus or with multi gigabit transceivers that – after initial configuration – automatically make the measurement data available as a data stream. A VX145x Generic HSSL POD is used to acquire the measurement data via this data trace interface. This POD is characterized by its compact dimensions and low power dissipation.

TriCore AURIX TC2xx ED via Aurora
TriCore AURIX TC3xx ED via Aurora
PowerPC xPC5xxx via Nexus AUX
PowerPC MPC57xx via Nexus Aurora
RH850 via Nexus Aurora
Texas Instruments
TMS570 via RTP/DMM
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Product Descriptions

"High Speed Measurement and Function Bypassing for ADAS ECUs" , recorded June 2016

The VX1000 system is a scalable solution with maximum performance for your measurement and bypass task, for example, during radar ECU development. By means of microcontroller-specific data trace or debug interfaces, in this area measurement data rates of more than 100 MB/s are meanwhile achieved. For bypassing applications of ADAS Domain Control Units, the VX1000 System can be combined with the VN8912 bypass high performance platform.

In this webinar recording you will receive a general overview of the Vector measurement and bypassing solution and details about customized applications in various ADAS areas.

Duration: 38 minutes

Target groups: Developers of driver assistance ECUs, test/validation and calibration engineers of driver assistance ECUs at the OEM or supplier

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Do you have technical questions and are looking for suitable answers? Our KnowledgeBase provides the most important FAQs for you!

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All VX1000 System Components at a Glance

VX1000 System is connected to debug and datatrace ports of an ECU. It enables very performant measuring, calibrating, bypassing and flashing via standardized XCP on Ethernet interface.

The overview poster in format 594x420 mm (DIN A2) shows compatible system components for numerous supported microcontroller families.

Please note: At the moment only version 2.9 is available as print version, for the current version 3.2 please download the PDF file.

Graphic of VX1000 poster
Overview poster VX1000 measurement & calibration hardware - All system components at a glance. Please note: At the moment only version 2.9 is available as print version, for the current version 3.2 please visit the product page.