CANlog 3 and CANlog 4
Data Loggers with Gateway Function for CAN and LIN

Data Recording with CANlog

CANlog 3 and CANlog 4 record the data communication of CAN and LIN systems. They receive and save messages and then analyze them according to the specified configuration.

These loggers are compact companions in vehicles for small test tasks. They are easy to operate and log up to 64 MB. In addition, they can be used particularly for gateway applications.


  • Standalone tools for minor logging tasks
  • Low current consumption in sleep mode
  • Filter and trigger conditions for selective logging
  • Flexible configuring with configuration software
  • Offline analyses in CANoe, CANalyzer, CANape, and vSignalyzer


Graphic technical overview of CANlog 3 and CANlog 4
Technical overview of CANlog 3 and CANlog 4
Data loggers CANlog 3 and CANlog 4
Data logger CANlog 3
Data logger CANlog 4

Application Areas

  1. Data Logger
    It is easy to filter, receive, log and send messages and signals using CANlog
  2. Classing Device
    CANlog is well equipped for processing the logged data and creating classing tables
  3. Gateway
    If an ECU cannot be connected directly to the CAN bus, CANlog can be used as a gateway for indirect bus  communication


  • CANlog 3 and CANlog 4 each support up to four CAN channels.
  • CANlog 4 additionally has a CAN channel that can be used as a measurement channel.
  • The loggers record in parallel analog and digital input signals.
  • With CANlog 3 the data are saved in internal memory (max. 64 MB), and with CANlog 4 on exchangeable flash cards (max. 64 MB).
  • Events can be displayed depending on the configuration via the digital outputs and LEDs.
  • The configuration program included with the product allows you to create a configuration customized for different applications.
  • Additionally there are functions for using CANlog as a data logger, classing device and as a gateway.

I/O Boards

For more flexibility, you can extend both CANlog devices with digital inputs and outputs, analog inputs, or a LIN interface with I/O boards.


D4I4O 4 digital inputs (0 ... 45 V)
4 digital outputs (5 ... 45 V, 500 mA)
D4I4O-L Like D4I4O, with additional 1 LIN interface
A6I 6 analog inputs (0 ... 18 V, 12 bit resolution):
    4 inputs available to user
    2 inputs only internal
A6I-L Like A6I, with additional 1 LIN interface
A8ID1 8 analog inputs (0 ... 18 V, 12 bit resolution):
    6 inputs available to user
    2 inputs only internal
1 TTL input and output
A8ID1-L Like A8ID1, with additional 1 LIN interface
LIN adapter 1 LIN interface


With the GPS receiver CANgps you easily record synchronously in addition the position of your vehicle to the logging data.


  • 12 channel GPS receiver
  • Receive frequency 1575.42 MHz L1 ban
  • Measurement value updating with 1 Hz
  • Data output via RS232 in NMEA0183 format and/or on CAN
  • Cycle time and identifier for CAN are configurable
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LOGview offers you the possibility of graphically representing data and displaying information during logging.


  • LCD display with 128 x 64 pixel
  • Graphic window size: 59 mm x 38 mm
  • Display up to 8 lines at 21 characters per line
  • 3 programmable pushbuttons
  • 16 independent display pages
  • 2 fonts with zoom (in total 30 sizes)
  • Graphic functions: drawing of lines, rectangles etc.
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For the recording of additional LIN channels the external LINprobe adapters are available. In addition, you can send also LIN frames.


  • LIN enhancement with 2 LIN channels with following variants:
    • LINprobe R receives LIN frames
    • LINprobe X receives and transmits LIN frames. For transmission LINprobe X serves as Master or Slave.
    • LINprobe G receives and transmits LIN frames like LINprobe X. Additionally it can be used as standalone CAN/LIN gateway.

  • Data output on CAN (identifier is adjustable)
  • Baud rate configurable for LIN and CAN
  • Logger extendable with up to 4 LINprobes
  • Export of LIN frames in ASC and BLF format


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The CCP/XCP license permits you to readout measurement data in DAQ mode directly from the ECUs and to record them. The license includes CCP and XCP on CAN.


  • CCP version 2.1, XCP on CAN version 1.0
  • Import of A2L files into CANape, generate a CANdb with CCP/XCP support to configure the logger
  • Support of multiple ECUs
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Product Descriptions

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  • Information about logger accessories in detail (PDF)

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