Embedded Software and Systems
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Embedded Software and Communication ECUs

Vector provides OEMs and suppliers of automotive and related industries software components, services, projects and embedded hardware for creating embedded systems. We focus on basic software and hardware solutions as supplement to the application of our customers.

  • Software components for the ECU communication
  • Flash tools for CAN, LIN, FlexRay and Ethernet
  • Real-time operating systems, hardware drivers for ECUs
  • ECUs for small series productions, evaluation and development
  • Engineering services, project specific developments for customers

Embedded Software

Take advantage from proven standardized basic software for various application areas. This lets you port your application conveniently and quickly onto different hardware platforms and for different OEMs.


  • Supports many Standards: AUTOSAR Classic, AUTOSAR Adaptive, ISO, HIS, IEC, OSEK, SAE, etc
  • Available in Numerous OEM-specific Variants
  • Proven Algorithms Used in Production Development at Almost all OEMs
  • Support of Many Different Hardware Platforms via a Standardized API
  • Customization of Basic Software for Your Use Case
  • Simple, Tool-Supported Configuration
Embedded Software for Various Use-Cases

Application Areas

  • Hardware Drivers for CAN, LIN, FlexRay, Ethernet, Flash, EEPROM, Timer, ADC, PWM, etc.
  • Communication Software and Gateway Solutions for CAN, LIN, FlexRay and Ethernet
  • Safety-related systems according to ISO 26262 up to ASIL D
  • Administration of Nonvolatile Data (EEPROM, Flash)
  • Diagnostics with Error Memory Module
  • Watchdog Handling
  • Re-Programming ECUs Using the Flash Bootloader
  • Operating System
  • Calibration Protocols XCP and CCP
  • Higher protocols: J1939, etc.

Basic Software, Tools and Services

Embedded Software for CAN, LIN, FlexRay or Ethernet
Embedded Software for AUTOSAR Adaptive ECUs
Embedded Software for AUTOSAR Classic ECUs
Basic Software for CAN Communication
Embedded Software Components for J1939 Applications
Basic Software for LIN Communication
Operating system per OSEK/VDX and AUTOSAR
ECU Software for Diagnostics
Generated software components for Diagnostics – fast and proven integration of Diagnostics into ECUs CANdesc
AUTOSAR basic software for Diagnostics: DCM (Diagnostic Communication Manager) and DEM (Diagnostic Event Manager) MICROSAR.DIAG
Software solution for the fast and efficient development of data fusion systems for automated driving functions in embedded systems. BASELABS Create Embedded
DaVinci Developer Adaptive is the optimal tool for successfully configuring AUTOSAR Adaptive projects. DaVinci Developer Adaptive
(Formerly DaVinci Adaptive Tool Suite)
DaVinci Developer lets you design or fine-tune the AUTOSAR SWCs of your ECU DaVinci Developer
The basic software modules and the RTE are configured with DaVinci Configurator Pro
DaVinci Configurator Pro
Optimal Management of the Timing Behavior of AUTOSAR Multi-Core ECUs
TA Tool Suite
The Flash Bootloader may be used in either conventional or AUTOSAR-conformant ECUs
Flashing of ECUs quick and easy via CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay, Ethernet (DoIP) – ready to go! vFlash
Services Related to Embedded Software Products
More than software components: Tailored services for your success Embedded Services
A unique qualification program for embedded software specialists. Engineers are being trained as experts in Vector's basic software and the corresponding software tools. Vector Certified Embedded Professional and Engineering Partner

ECUs for Data Communication

Vector Controllers

Vector Controllers are ECUs for specific use cases with the focus on data communication.

The Vector Controllers are ECUs for specific use cases with the focus on data communication. They are perfect for the rapid development of functional samples and for use in series production. Whether charging control unit for commercial vehicles or gateway: The development costs are shared across many users. That keeps the price reasonable.


  • Standard technologies scaled down to small series productions and development samples
  • Already qualified hardware for use in vehicles
  • Shorter development cycles
  • High flexibility and cost optimization for serial production
  • Single source supplier for ECU hardware, project and embedded software as well as development tools

Application Areas

The Vector Controllers are perfect for your prototyping and development projects. They are also available in high quantities for test fleets and small series productions. Together with the MICROSAR basic software it forms a complete package with full functionality. The open ECU is also capable to host your individual software.

Electronic Control Units
ECUs for Data Communication
Vector Controllers