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Measuring and Calibrating ECUs Optimally – Highlights of CANape 17.0

Whether your tasks involve measurement, calibration, diagnostic testing or flashing of your ECUs – CANape 17.0 supports you with new, useful functions.

Measuring, Calibrating and Logging of ECUs and ADAS Sensors
  • Optimal memory utilization enabled by a 64-bit architecture
  • Reliable management of your local measurement data
  • Direct connection between CANape and vMDM for efficient measurement data access and analysis
  • New CANape log as robust and easy-to-use stand-alone solution for challenging ADAS logging projects*
  • Logging, visualizing and creating data objects efficiently in ADAS development
  • Measuring and calibrating AUTOSAR adaptive ECUs via SOME/IP services
  • Integration of application-specific Ethernet protocols in conjunction with ADAS sensors
  • Certificate-secured diagnostic access is possible via the Vector Security Manager
  • With a single VX1000 POD you can measure and calibrate ECUs with combined processor and controller architectures

>> All new functions in detail

For more information please watch the webinar recording (64 minutes): playback.