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AUTOSAR Classic Basic Software for Infineon Secure Ethernet Gateway

The MICROSAR Evaluation Package enables fast setup of an Infineon Automotive Secure Ethernet Gateway Board.

Vector Basic Software MICROSAR for Infineon Secure Ethernet Gateway: AUTOSAR BSW with drivers for Ethernet, CAN, LIN and FlexRay.

When starting an ECU project for a challenging gateway, usually not all use cases are defined. Long development and deployment times for a hardware platform, the prepa-ration time for the software and missing drivers often delay the start of such a project.

The Evaluation Package contains the Vector Basic Software MICROSAR without the specific characteristics of a vehicle manufacturer. The Basic Software Modules (BSW) with RTE cover the complete AUTOSAR Classic standard. In addition to the MICROSAR HSM security firm-ware, many other useful extensions are included. With a predefined sample configuration for use cases for CAN and Ethernet routing, the Infineon Gateway Board is perfectly prepared for the direct startup.



  • For the Infineon Automotive Secure Ethernet Gateway Board, you get a directly available AUTOSAR 4.x solution in series quality
  • Steep learning curve due to executable example project with getting started documentation
  • Complete evaluation package with a mature Basic Software as well as all necessary software tools
  • Profound evaluation of runtime and memory requirements of an AUTOSAR Classic ECU project including gateway-specific characteristics
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