Automotive Connectivity opens up completely new possibilities.

Modern networking of vehicles over the air opens up completely new possibilities. On the basis of communication with a backend (Automotive OTA) on the one hand and communication between vehicles and with infrastructure (Car2x/V2X) on the other hand, new systems and applications can be developed that previously could not be realized.

With Automotive OTA, software can be updated for entire fleets without workshop visits, information about vehicle deployment can be recorded and live diagnostics can be carried out anywhere from remote.

Car2x, V2X, or Vehicle-to-X, enables the development of new safety and assistance systems, such as automatic accident warnings or warnings of approaching rescue vehicles. 

Automotive OTA


Automotive OTA is changing the industry. In particular, applications such as software updates, live diagnostics and data collection promise not only enormous savings potential but also enable many new opportunities to increase customer loyalty.

However, the challenges and efforts involved in introducing such Automotive OTA solutions are considerable. A good integration into existing processes is crucial for success.


Car2x / V2X


Car2x and V2X - these are the keywords when it comes to perceiving the environment of vehicles in even greater detail in the future - an important step towards autonomous driving. This future is cooperative: future generations of vehicles will exchange data directly with each other and the roadside infrastructure.

The high degree of networking both within the vehicle and with its environment presents a number of new challenges that need to be overcome.