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15:00 (Europe/Berlin)

Duration: 1h

Language: English

Panelists: Oliver Falkner, Mark Schwager, Jochen Neuffer and Jan Bossert

CANoe/CANalyzer 15 - What Is New?

You will get a general overview about new features and improvements mainly of CANoe in version 15. Of course you will also get news about CANalyzer 15.


Overview CANoe/CANalyzer Product Family

  • CANoe
  • CANalyzer
  • CANoe4SW
  • CANoe4SW Server Edition

SIL Test Support

  • Functionality of CANoe4SW in CANoe

Connectivity Features Service

  • VH4110 hardware – also called ‘IoT Enabler’ - to connect a SUT without an internet connection
  • New broker (MQTT) in CANoe

ADAS Features

  • Stimulation and testing of ADAS algorithms and ADAS ECUs
  • Analysis of sensor data

Security Features

  • Replay of secured PDUs including automatic adjustment of security parameters

Option Ethernet

  • Protocol Monitor for graphical display of connections for communication and application layer protocols

Service-Oriented Architectures

  • Application Panel for stimulation of application layer objects


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