vMeasure exp 5.0 SP1 HF1

Updates existing installations of version 5.0 to 5.0 SP1 Hotfix 1. The following changes will become effective with SP1 HF1:

Measurement Data Acquisition

  • VP6400: Limit the integrated XL NIC adapters to CSM modules
  • Issues related to trigger definition were resolved.
  • CAN: Improved error messages in case measurement hardware is not synchronized
  • XCP: An error was fixed which occurred during calculation of time information when using measurement devices synchronized via PTP.
  • VP6400: Improved precision of time synchronization by using XCP 1.3
  • The macros for the recorder events also deliver the associated events when the data is split into multiple files.
  • ETH monitor: An issue that occured when using network based mode in combination with the Vector Time Synchronization Sercvice was fixed.


  • An application crash when loading a project without connected AXIS cameras has been solved.
  • Improved video recording with pre-trigger time
  • The controls of the Video window are automatically activated after a measurement.

Functions and Scripts

  • Speed up of execution time of CASL scripts in case of calling many other CASL scripts.
  • The CASL modifier "interpolate" can now be used for measured curves or maps.

Measurement Data Visualization and Manual Analysis

  • A problem was solved that occurred when multiple signals with same name and same source existed inside measurement configuration and mode "Display Values from Measurement File" was used.
  • A problem with exiting the display from measurement file mode and measurement functions with multiple return values has been fixed.

Working with Measurement Files

  • The measurement export converter into ASCII format does not change dots inside string values into commas anymore.
  • The measurement file export converter into MATLAB format includes signal values marked with the invalid flag.
  • The new 64bit version of the measurement data export converter to MATLAB format supports larger data volumes.
  • When merging MDF files from a file series, special signals, which are contained in each single file since start of measurement, will not be considered for determination of the time range.
  • A new option bit for the MdfMerge converter can be used to ignore multimedia signals stored with AVI attachment and a sync signal, e.g. if the merge operation is not possible due to different conversion rules of the sync signal. Note: AVI attachments cannot not be merged using MdfMerge.
  • When extracting a time range from an MF4 file with compressed signal data, the data blocks containing variable length signal data (VLSD) will be written compressed in the result file, too (using the default settings).

Measurement Data Management

  • The vMDM add-in also works after performing an upgrade installation.
  • Files now can be moved to another collection via context menu command in Search Result view (only available starting with vMDM server 3.2.x)
  • User will be informed via message box if vMDM connection credentials cannot be found in the Windows vault.
  • The shell extension commands to copy or move MDF files to vMDM now also accept files with extension DAT.
  • Usability improvement by directly executing a search when switching a collection in vMDM Search view while staying in the view (instead of switching to Home view).
  • Easier management of computer collection for local vMDM as own use case in GUI.
  • Bulk deletion of all filtered files in a search result is possible via a new context menu command (only available starting with vMDM server 3.2.x).
  • Both the CASL method MdmCheckFileStatus() and the respective command line option for vMDM now deliver more detailed state or error information about an uploaded file.
  • It now is possible to move more than 16 files to vMDM via the Vector Shell Extension .

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