CANape 18.0 SP4

Updates existing installations of version 18.0 to 18.0.40 SP4. The following changes become effective with version 18.0.40:

User Operation and Display

  • An issue that occurred when calling CSMConfig was solved.

Communication Protocols

  • DLT: Analysis of the extended header has been improved.
  • When creating CAN FD devices, the CAN FD ISO standard is used by default.
  • CAN monitor: Improved analysis in case of inconsistent header information.
  • ETH monitor: Support of AUTOSAR PDUs that are sent via dynamic ports has been added.
  • Support of ETAS ES8xx devices has been expanded.

Measurement Data Acquisition

  • ETH monitor: Time synchronization for the new network-based Ethernet devices has been improved.
  • ETH monitor: A network reset during measurement is treated correctly.
  • CSM devices are supported by Vector sockets.
  • RIF-devices: Improved time synchronization in case of PTP
  • Problems with the DHPR "WorkingDirectory" were fixed.
  • IbeoxLux objects are saved correctly serialized.
  • Support of Vector time synchronization with PTP as master clock has been added.


  • The settings for the IEEE MAP reader are available in the device list again.
  • Values from parameter files in PAR format describing value blocks, maps or curves with database type SINT, are read correctly.
  • ASAP2Studio 2.0.40 is included.


  • The possibility to configure bus logging over the COM/API has been added.
  • COM/API: An error of the "Add" function that corrupted the working directory information was fixed.

Extended MATLAB/Simulink Support

  • The DLL/A2L/MAP file update mechanism for ML/SL DLLs has been improved.


  • An error that occurred when editing an array with variable axis points was fixed.
  • Software Component Check (SWC) and Advanced Code Check) ACC for xETK/FETK devices have been integrated.


  • OBD: Timeout handling in case of many diagnostic channels has been improved.


  • VXplugin settings can be saved in the CANape container.


  • When using multiple recorders, resolving macros in file names of multimedia signals can no longer result in sporadically lost video recording files.
  • Fixed an error where stopping a measurement after a stop trigger and while the next Trigger Block is being prepared could cause the application to freeze.


  • Support of XCP block measuring mode in bypass stand-alone mode has been added.

Functions and Scripts

  • The Algorithm Designer caused an error when the number of parameters changed in a newly compiled function.
  • eMotorPowerAnalysis for offline use cases has been improved.
  • New function to calculate the efficiency of an inverter has been added.
  • New function to analyze PWM signals: Automatically determine the cycle time, calculate reactive, apparent and active power, integrated total work, charge flow, etc.

Driver Assistance

  • Discarding deleted signal-based objects could cause crashes and has been adapted.
  • Image artifacts on Axis cameras are no longer displayed in the Camera Calibration Tool.
  • A data object with a list of subobjects can be used as a source for a list of GFX objects.
  • Structures can be used as data source of GFX objects.

Measurement Data Visualization and Manual Analysis

  • An appearance issue in display windows that occurred with CAN monitors was fixed.

Working with Measurement Files

  • The CASL function ConvertFile() supports adding of bus signals.
  • The deanonymization of measurement files now supports signal names with more than 255 characters.
  • During import of BLF files, the progress bar handles missing file size information in the file header.
  • Measurement export converter will use the source information defined in the LAB if the option to use the source is enabled.
  • The Vector Logging converter now supports multiple Ethernet channels.
  • Floating point signals of PDUs are supported by the import of bus logging files, even when they are not byte-aligned.
  • Database references of the bus logging import converter will be handled correctly inside container projects.
  • The selected converter template will be used for the import of measurement data of an ASCII file.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when reading conversion rules from ARXML files when importing bus logging files.

Measurement Data Management

  • Float values are displayed with decimal places in the vMDM Explorer.
  • A sporadic freeze of the vMDM Explorer after changing the project was fixed.
  • The premature termination of the vMDM report creation dialog was fixed.


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