ODXStudio 2.7 SP4

Updates existing installations of version 2.7 to 2.7 SP4. Not suitable for older versions.

With ODXStudio 2.7 SP4, the following changes become effective:

Issues solved:

  • ODXStudio terminated immediately on some Japanese Windows 7 systems. (EIP29349)
  • Embedded MasterData archive is not extracted from PDX on DoubleClick (EIP29325)
    The Embedded MasterData was not extracted correctly if a PDX was opened by double click.
  • ODXStudio stalls if an old LicenseDongle is present (LicenseBit check is slow) (EIP29326)
    If licensed via a Dongle or Vector hardware ODXStudio ran significantly slower and stalled sometimes.
  • About Screen displays S/N and expiration date for Dongle license also (EIP29178)
    When licensed via a Dongle the About screen of ODXStudio nevertheless displayed the serial number and expiration date of a software license also present on the machine.
  • Available Segments are not recomputed on selection of new datablock (EIP29484)
    In the ODX-F MB perspective the available segments were not recomputed correctly for each datablock selected in the GUI.


  • Filtered DIDs should not be listed in Snapshot or Extended Data (EIP29394)
    The Report created dead links in Snapshot or Extended Data to DIDs that have been filtered out by the audience. These dead links have been removed.
  • BitPos/BitLength handling in Report (EIP29375) 
    The Report now lists the bit position for parameters if not positioned at bit 0. The length of reserved parameters is exported now also.
  • Use SID/LID to retrieve DumpServices for Read/Write-DiagCommConnectors (EIP29499)
    When creating a new domain in the ODX-E MB Truck perspective the SID/LID is now used to retrieve the matching DumpServices for Read/Write-DiagCommConnectors.

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