ODXStudio 3.2 SP3 Patch 2

Updates existing installations of version 3.2 to 3.2 SP3 Patch 2. Not suitable for older versions.

With ODXStudio 3.2 SP3 Patch 2, the following changes become effective:

Issues solved

  • Creation of Meaning not possible for DOP Identical with Data-Type ASCIISTRING or UTF8STRING (EIP38777)
    (ODX-E MB Car) Since ODXStudio 3.1 SP3 no Meanings could be created for DOPs Identical with Data-Type ASCIISTRING or UTF8STRING.


With ODXStudio 3.2 SP3 Patch 1, the following changes become effective:

Issues solved

  • UpperLimit is not visible for TextTables with numeric data type (EIP38048)
    (ODX-D Native) Since ODXStudio 3.2 no upper limits could be edited in TextTables with a numeric data type.
  • XLXS-Export does not work on non developer machine (EIP38084)
    (ODX-E MB Truck) The XLXS export featured in 3.2 SP3 did not work out of the box on non developer machines.


With ODXStudio 3.2 SP3, the following changes become effective:

New Features and Improvements

  • Move operation in Project Explorer (EIP35281)
    (Project Explorer) Files can now be moved inside the project. References to external files are preserved if wanted.
  • Mark status messages with referenced file
    (EIP37174) (Framework) Messages containing a reference to a non ODX file or a directory are now marked with an icon.
  • Export of intern flash data to a file
    (EIP37661, EIP37671) (ODX-F) Intern flash data can now be exported to a file.
  • Use single DTC-DOP automatically for new DTC-Connector
    (EIP37569) (ODX-FD Native) On creation of a DTC-Connector a single available DTC-DOP is automatically referenced now.
  • Display DTC text in link control for DTC at DTC-Connector
    (EIP37567) (ODX-FD Native) The link control for creation of DTC references now displays the DTC number plus the DTC text also.
  • Delta Flash – Ensure same format of flash keys
    (EIP37172) (ODX-F MB) The GUI now ensures that Source- and TargetFlashkey do have the same format.
  • Configure available Flash Methods in Master Project
    (EIP37173) (ODX-F MB) The available Flash Methods are now configurable in the Master Project
  • New column "Responsible" in Overview Fragments
    (EIP37171) (ODX-E MB Car) A free text field "Responsible" is now available for fragments.
  • New export format XSLX
    (EIP37165) (ODX-E MB Truck) A new XSLX formatted export is now available.
  • Display of locked meanings
    (EIP37167) (ODX-E MB Truck) The icon for locked meanings is now displayed at part number. Locked meanings are displayed using a grey font.
  • Enhance Copy & Paste of meanings and defaults
    (EIP37168) (ODX-E MB Truck) On Copy in the ECU Configuration Overview a CSV representation of the textual content of the selected rows is put on the clipboard additionally to the ODXStudio objects.
  • New column "Description" in ECU-Configuration overview
    (EIP37169) (ODX-E MB Truck) The Description of Meanings and Defaults is now displayed in the ECU Configuration Overview also.
  • Deny input of leading and trailing blanks for meanings
    (EIP37170) (ODX-E MB Truck) The input of leading and trailing blanks for Meanings is denied now.
  • Delete Meanings and Defaults with SNR/ZGS
    (EIP37185) (ODX-E MB Truck) It is now possible to delete Meanings and Defaults having a SNR/ZGS.

Issues solved

  • New robust file system watcher
    (EIP36311) (Framework) A new robust file system watcher is used now to solve several problems caused by virus scanners like application freeze or false file changed messages.
  • Misspelled MIME-Types
    (EIP37464) (Project Explorer) The predefined odx related MIME-Types were misspelled.
  • ODXStudio not visible in task bar
    (EIP37744) (Framework) On start up of ODXStudio a message box could be hidden by another application without displaying ODXStudio in the task bar. In this case the user did not have an indication that ODXStudio is already running an waiting for input.
  • Extraction of Expected-Ident/Ident-Values fails at end of security plugin for VAG/PAG
    (EIP37352) (ODX-F VW) On execution of the security plugin for VAG/PAG, Ident-Values for expected-Idents were not extracted correctly.
  • Display of unresolvable links in Identifying Descriptions
    (EIP37675) (ODX-F VW) On TAB Identifying Descriptions the string "" disappeared when leaving the grid cell without changes.Single file check displays no checker result
    (EIP37042) (ODX Checker) When checking a single file no checker report was displayed.
  • Choice of a DTC-Connector's DTC fails
    (EIP37358) (ODX-FD Native) The DTC reference for a DTC-Connector could not be selected.
  • Invalid precision entry is created for non float physical data types
    (EIP37479) (ODX-D Native) A click into the read only precision control created an invalid precision entry for non float physical data types.
  • Incorrect sorting in ECU Configuration Overview
    (EIP37080) (ODX-E MB Truck) Defaults were not sorted correctly in the grouped by domain mode of the ECU Configuration Overview
  • Very slow GUI in case migration plugins are installed
    (EIP37795) (GUI) With installed migration plugins the display and removal of category TABs in the GUI was very slow.


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