Squore – Software Analytics for Project Monitoring

More transparency and faster decision-making by providing management-relevant information

Squore is an innovative decision-making dashboard that enables quality management of software development by:

  • Improving project performance
  • Driving Software Quality
  • Ensuring process and standard compliance


  • Informed decision-making based on accurate indicators
  • Continuous assessement with real-time dashboard
  • Increased confidence on deliveries
  • Improved reliability via early defect detection
  • Reduced code review costs
  • Lower maintenance costs via control of technical debt
  • Broadcast of best practices and better process maturity
  • Enhanced collaboration within project teams

Application Areas

Project Management:
Highlighting quality metrics of a project (based on coding style, complexity, documentation)

Optimization of test activities by focusing on critical components according to test strategy

Report generation (PPT, PDF)

Automated quality checking by using continuous integration (including delta versioning analysis, standard compliance, etc.)


Holistic view on your projects
All along the project lifecycle, Squore Software Analytics automatically collects and reconciles results from the project’s toolchain.

Actionable indicators
Breaking data silos, Squore delivers industry proven KPIs.

Visualization and reporting
Squore provides role-based navigation and sharing features (document generation, exports).

Efficient decision-making
Squore generates an optimized action plan, helping you make an informed decision.


Squore engineering platform provides:

  • Embedded source code analyzers for several languages: C,C++,C# Ada, Java, Python, etc.
  • An API to extend data source from third party: CSV, Excel, Json, ReqIf, Xml, Database, REST API, etc.
  • A toolbox of interfaces to third-party tools: VectorCAST, Cobertura, NCover, RTRT, Klocwork, Check-Style, JaCoCo, QAC, PC-lint, FindBugs, Polyspace, StyleCop, Jira, Mantis, etc.