DaVinci Adaptive Tool Suite
Optimal Assistance for AUTOSAR Adaptive Projects

DaVinci Adaptive Tool Suite - Configuring Adaptive MICROSAR Software

DaVinci Adaptive Tool Suite is the optimal tool for successfully configuring AUTOSAR Adaptive projects. In addition to the actual configuration, the DaVinci Adaptive Tool Suite combines all other working steps for Adaptive MICROSAR from Vector.

DaVinci Adaptive Tool Suite perfectly fits into the Vector tool chain.


  • Advanced configuration tool for AUTOSAR Adaptive projects
  • Clearly arranged navigation
  • Easy and convenient model editing
  • Perfect interplay within the Vector tool chain

Highlights of Version 2.4

Video with Highlights of the new Version 2.4

New and Optimized Functions

  • Machine & Process Editor simplifies the deployment configuration of machines
  • New Service Deployment Editor for more convenience
  • Diagnostic Editor for easy creation of Diagnostic Interfaces from DEXT elements
  • Copy-paste support directly in the AUTOSAR Model Explorer
  • Comfort Editor offers quick access to all editors and wizards in the toolbar

Reliable Configuration

  • Enhanced validation view with navigation support
  • AUTOSAR constraint validators proves the model in real-time

Watch Helpful Functions in the Video Series

DaVinci Adaptive Tool Suite provides various wizards to setup a project and to edit a model quickly and easily. In our video series you can learn how to efficiently work with the tool.

Optimal Assistance for Challenging Projects

The DaVinci Adaptive Tool Suite offers optimal assistance for challenging configuration tasks

1. AUTOSAR Adaptive projects in project explorer
2. Assistance for various tasks such as creation of SOME/IP deployment
3. Compact DML syntax for textual definition of AUTOSAR models
4. Auto-completion for references and model elements
5. Generic Model Editor with object tree (package or type based)
6. Model validation with direct feedback
7. Tree element details as DML for quick insight
8. “Cheat sheets” with step-by-step guideline to create an AUTOSAR Adaptive application
9. Project frames keep the editors of each project together


DaVinci Adaptive Tool Suite simplifies ECU development.

Model Editing

  • Model editing via tree views and textual views (DaVinci Modelling Language)
  • Easy creating and editing of objects and package structures
  • Simple move of objects between packages


  • Browse the AUTOSAR model by package structure or grouped by type
  • Navigation within different views by following references between AUTOSAR objects

Validation and Code Generation

  • Automatic validation of AUTOSAR model consistency
  • Assists in generating template source code and runtime settings (manifests)
  • Helps to create services and machine instances
  • Validates and generates deployment information

Please note that full functionality requires an Adaptive MICROSAR license.

Scripting and Automation

  • “Groovy” scripting with full model access eases the execution of repetitive tasks
  • Command line tool to run scripts, e.g. during continuous integration processes

Project Handling

  • Dedicated project types (Library, Application, Platform, Integration) help to organize the work efficiently
  • Project dependencies allow to include ARXML files of other projects
  • Project Dashboard for quick access to most common tasks

​Migration Tool

The migration tool for DaVinci Adaptive projects supports the automatic model update to the latest AUTOSAR release.

Command Line Interface

Enables call of validators, generators and automation scripts from the command line for typical Continuous Integration use cases.

Product Descriptions

Fact Sheet:

Short overview of facts (PDF)


DaVinci Adaptive Tool Suite is distributed as a set of Eclipse plugins (version 19-03). These plugins can easily be integrated into existing Eclipse IDE distributions for Windows and Linux.

Component Recommended Minimum
Memory (RAM)
32 GB
16 GB
Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080 1680 x 1050
Operating System Windows 10 (64 Bit), Linux Windows 10 (64 Bit), Linux

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AUTOSAR Adaptive Training | 1-2 days

Do you want to know more about AUTOSAR Adaptive? Vector offers a 1-2 day modular AUTOSAR training. Depending on the booked module, you gain knowledge on the following topics:

  • Overview and objectives, AUTOSAR Adaptive application, service oriented communication
  • Functional clusters, methodology of AUTOSAR Adaptive, implications and migration
  • Introduction AUTOSAR Adaptive in practice
  • Introduction to Adaptive MICROSAR (with exercise)
  • Exercises on middleware, persistency and execution management


Technical Sales Embedded Software and AUTOSAR

Technical Sales Embedded Software and AUTOSAR

Visitor Address: Holderäckerstr. 36
70499 Stuttgart

電話番号 +49 711 80670 400
Fax番号 +49 711 80670 425
E-Mailアドレス embedded@vector.com

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