Network Module

The four-channel network module VT6204 is a high-performance interface module for the VT System. As with other VT System modules, faults can be fed onto the signal lines. The module offers high performance and low latency times, because a PCI Express cable is used to connect the network interface to the VT6011/VT6051A real-time module or a PC. If connected to the PC, a PCI Express cable connector (x1) is needed. This may be added to the PC using an appropriate expansion card.

Network Module: VT6204


Module Features

  • Network interface with four independent channels
  • Each channel may be individually configured as a CAN or LIN interface
    6204 additionally supports FlexRay on channel 1 and CAN FD resp. K-Line on all channels 
  • Proven, interchangeable Vector CAN/LIN/FlexRay piggies may be used as bus transceivers
  • Hardware synchronization of the network interfaces with the VT System
  • Relays for line breaks and short circuits between signal lines, to ground or to battery voltage
  • Switchable termination resistors
  • All channels can be connected by using the internal bus bar

Technical Data

  Number of channels Up to 4 CAN or 4 LIN, alternatively 1 FR
  CAN channels
Sending and receiving 100% bus load.
Certified Vector CAN control­ler (FPGA).
  LIN channels Sending and receiving 100% bus load
  FlexRay channels  1 FlexRay cluster with 2 channels (A and B)
  Transceivers (piggyback)  
  • CANpiggy 251mag
  • CANpiggy 1040mag
  • CANpiggy 1041Amag
  • CANpiggy 1050mag
  • CANpiggy 1051cap
  • CANpiggy 1054mag
  • LINpiggy 7269mag
    (opt. LINpiggy 7259mag / LINpiggy 6259mag)
  • CANpiggy 7356cap (opt. CANpiggy 5790opto c)
  • CANpiggy 10011opto
  • J1708piggy 65176opto
  • Cannel 1: FRpiggy 1080A mag (opt. FRpiggy 1080 mag)
  • Channel 1: FRpiggy 1082cap
  CAN identifier 11/29 bit
  Max. CAN baud rate 1 Mbit/s (up to 8 Mbit/s data rate for CAN FD)
  Time stamp accuracy 1 µs
(to VT6000 or to PC)
PCI Express x1 Cable
(standard plug)
Basic Data
  Supply voltage
(via backplane)
12 V ±10 %
  Power consumption Typ. 4 W
  Temperature range 0 … 55 °C
  Dimensions (L x W x H) 300 x 173 x 36 mm
  Weight (without piggies) Approx. 500 g


Schematic of one channel of the VT6204

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