VT6306 and
100BASE-T1piggy / 1000BASE-T1piggy

Ethernet Network Module

The six-channel Ethernet Network Module VT6306 is a high-performance Ethernet interface module for the VT System. The base module provides two 100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T channels and a socket for a piggyboard with six Automotive Ethernet channels.

The piggy board modules 100BASE-T1piggy 1101 rsp. 1000BASE-T1piggy 88Q2112 carry the physical bus access chips as well as the typical VT System fault injection capabilities like line breaks and shortcuts. The channels 1-3 of the 100BASE-T1piggy 1101 additionally provide an adjustable resistive signal attenuation.

The module including the piggyboard offers high performance and low latency times because a PCI Express cable is used to connect the network interface to the VT6010 or VT6051A real-time module or a Vector Rack PC. If connected to the Vector Rack PC, a PCI Express cable connector (x1) is needed. This may be added to the Vector Rack PC using an appropriate expansion card.

Hint: VT6306 cannot be operated at any PC but requires mandatorily a Vector PC, either VT6000 or a Vector Rack PC with a suitable PCI Express adapted card.

Ethernet Network Module: VT6306 with 100BASE-T1piggy 1101

Characteristics: VT6306

Module Features

  • Two 100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T channels on main board: connection of Standard Ethernet loggers and Ethernet accessories
  • Socket for Automotive Ethernet piggyboard module 100BASE-T1piggy 1101 or 1000BASE-T1piggy 88Q2112
  • High precision time stamps for Ethernet frames
  • Hardware synchronization with multiple bus interfaces with 1μs accuracy
  • Ethernet Monitoring between two nodes
  • Media conversion between 100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T and Automotive Ethernet channels
  • Flexible, hardware based monitor filter
  • Multiple, configurable Test Access Points (TAPs)
    • Monitoring TAP: test mode with constant and very low latency with direct PHY connection
    • Stimulation TAP: channel connection an MAC level. This allows transmission of additional packets

  • Configurable layer2-switch operation mode
VT6306: detail view

Technical Data

  Standard Ethernet (2 channels)  
  – Transceiver Type Atheros AR8031
  – Supported protocols IEEE 100BASE-TX | 1000BASE-T
  Time stamp accuracy 1 μs
  Host interface (to VT6000 or to PC) PCI-E x1 Cable (standard connector)
Basic Data
  Supply voltage (via backplane) 12 V ±10 %
  Power consumption  
  – incl. 100BASE-T1piggy 1101 13 W
  Temperature range 0 … 55 °C
  Dimensions (L x W x H) 300 x 173 x 36 mm
  – incl. 100BASE-T1piggy 1101 Approx. 730 g
  – incl. 1000BASE-T1piggy 88Q2112 Approx. 603 g

Characteristics: 100BASE-T1piggy


  • Electrical error injection and bus bar switching for all six Automotive Ethernet channels in accordance with the VTSystem concept
  • Resistive signal attenuation between 5 Ω … 2555 Ω in steps of 5 Ω on three 100BASE-T1 channels freely adjustable
  • Automotive Ethernet transceiver type NXP TJA1101 for all six channels
100BASE-T1piggy 1101: detail view

Technical Data

100BASE-T1piggy 1101
  Automotive Ethernet (6 channels)  
  – Transceiver Type NXP TJA1101
  – Supported protocols IEEE 100BASE-T1
  Resistive signal attenuation 1 μs
  – Range 5 Ω … 2.555 Ω
  – Step width 5 Ω


VT6306 and 100BASE-T1piggy: schematic of one channel

Characteristics: 1000BASE-T1piggy


  • Electrical error injection and bus bar switching for all six Automotive Ethernet channels in accordance with the VT
    System concept
  • Automotive Ethernet transceiver type Marvell 88Q2112 for all six channels
1000BASE-T1piggy 88Q2112: detail view

Technical Data

1000BASE-T1piggy 88Q2112
  Automotive Ethernet (6 channels)  
  – Transceiver Type Marvell 88Q2112
  – Supported protocols IEEE 1000BASE-T1


VT6306 and 1000BASE-T1piggy: schematic of one channel

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