VT2816 | VT2816 FPGA

General-Purpose Analog I/O Module

The module VT2816 provides 12 inputs and 4 outputs for analog signals. They may be connected directly to the inputs or outputs of an ECU. Also, other digital signals can be measured or controlled using this module, e.g. to control additional parts of a test bench. This module is also available as a variant (VT2816 FPGA) with user programmable FPGA.

General-Purpose Analog I/O Module: VT2816 | VT2618 FPGA


Functions for Each Channel

  • Voltage measurement with 2 measurement ranges
  • Differential or single-ended inputs (switchable)
  • Alternative current measurement with integrated shunt (eight channels)
  • Calculation of instantaneous, average, and effective values from the raw measurement values of the A/D converter; access to these values within CANoe

Functions for Each Output Channel

  • Voltage output with 2 switchable output ranges
  • Differential or single-ended output (switchable)
  • Autonomous output of a voltage curve loaded into module


Schematic of the channels of the VT2816

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