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Rotaflow II ECLS System | ©GETINGE


Case Study

Rotaflow II Extracorporeal Life Support System

Testing the software of a new ECLS controller board including simulating and stimulating of the surrounding external systems.

The Partner

GETINGE | Maquet Cardiopulmonary GmbH

Getinge provides hospitals and life science institutions with products and solutions aiming to improve clinical results and optimize workflows. The offering includes products and solutions for intensive care, cardiovascular procedures, operating rooms, sterile reprocessing and life science. Getinge employs over 10,000 people worldwide and the products are sold in more than 135 countries.

The Project

The Getinge Rotaflow II Extracorporeal Life Support (ECLS) System | ©GETINGE

For the new Rotaflow II extracorporeal life support (ECLS) system a controller board was designed by Getinge. The software of the new system has to be tested and the surrounding external systems have to be simulated and stimulated for the tests.

These surrounding systems are using different embedded protocols. These protocols have to be tested automatically in one test environment.

Schematic setup of the Getinge test bench with Vector CANoe, VT System and vTESTstudio.

Getinge uses CANoe.SENSORVT System and vTESTstudio for the test bench. CANoe serves as the core platform for stimulating the environment and executing the test. The .SENSOR option offers the possibility of a wide variety of serial protocols such as SPI, RS232, SENT and many more.

vTESTstudio is used for model-based testing and to simplify the creation of test cases. Different graphic notations can be combined in an integrated design environment in vTESTstudio. At the same time, vTESTstudio supports the definition and reuse of test cases and variants. The VT System serves as the hardware interface to the adapter board and the various protocols.

  • CANoe.SENSOR offers the possibility of simulating and stimulating the entire Rotaflow II System with an easy to use Software.
  • The VT System provides the hardware interface for measurement and stimulation of each component of the Rotaflow II System: SPI, RS232, and CAN.
  • vTESTstudio provides the possibility of easily creating reusable tests and generates automatic test reports.
  • The overall setup minimizes test times, lowers costs and improves product quality.

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