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Release Vector Logger Configurator 3.0 SP3 - Expanded diagnostic access to ECUs

All GL Logger:


  • Major extensions to the diagnostic features allow

    • Security access to diagnostic services with individual security levels (SecurityAccess: 0x27)
    • Read out memory contents of ECUs described in A2L files (ReadMemoryByAddress: 0x23)
    • Higher efficiency in data collection through periodic delivery (ReadDataByPeriodicIdentifier: 0x2A), customized data records (DynamicallyDefineDataIdentifier: 0x2C) and more flexible diagnostic session handling with cyclic ‘Tester Present’ message


  • Vector Logger Cloud: The upload speed of GL2000 & GL2400 to the Vector Cloud has almost been doubled


Power Management

  • Fast Wakeup for GL2400 & GL5000: Mode, also known as ‘Standby’, which allows to record the very first CAN message waking the logger.

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