PREEvision UserDay 2021


Timetable for Participants From the Americas

This year’s agenda reflects megatrends in E/E development and the topics that move the industry. Please have a look for yourself and join us at this year’s PREEvision community forum!


Agenda Americas

Time zone: New York (EST)

Time  Presentation
8:30 AM Welcome and Introduction 
Gerald Langisch | Vector
8:40 AM Review 2019/20 and Outlook 2021 
Georg Zimmermann | Vector
9:00 AM
What’s New in PREEvision 10.0: Introduction 
Dr. Clemens Reichmann | Vector
9:30 AM
What’s New in PREEvision 10.0: Requirements Engineering | Change and Release Management 
Robert Rotter | Vector
10:10 AM
What’s New in PREEvision 10.0: Usability Improvements –­ Part 1/2
Robert Rotter | Vector
10:40 AM Customer Interaction
10:50 AM
What’s New in PREEvision 10.0: AUTOSAR System and Software Design | Communication Design 
Marcelino Varas | Vector
11:20 AM Strategy 2022 – Part 1/2 
Dr. Clemens Reichmann | Vector
11:50 AM Wrap-up Day 1


Time Presentation
8:30 AM
What’s New for Product Line Engineering and Diagnostics in PREEvision 10.0
Jörg Schäuffele | Vector
9:10 AM From the Vision to the System: Solutions Insights
Fran Candal and Tomasz Witkowski | ESG
9:40 AM
Signal-Driven Communication Design
Alexander Mayr | Vector
10:00 AM
What’s New in PREEvision 10.0: Usability Improvements –­ Part 2/2
Robert Rotter | Vector
10:40 AM Customer Interaction
10:50 AM
Sneak Preview Product Line Engineering: Software and Diagnostics Workflow in PREEvision 10.0
Dr. Henning Groenda and Jörg Schäuffele | Vector
11:30 AM Strategy 2022 –­ Part 2/2
Dr. Clemens Reichmann | Vector
12:00 AM Wrap-Up Day 2


Time  Presentation
8:30 AM Combined Systems and High-Performance Computers
Marcelino Varas and Alexander Haliulin | Vector
9:15 AM Auto-Layout for Wiring Harness Diagrams
Dr. Sabine Braun | Vector
9:45 AM Customer Interaction
10:00 AM
What’s new in PREEvision 10.0: E/E Backbone, Collaboration, File Management | Operation and Administration Improvements
Dr. Daniel Gebauer and Dr. Martin Eyl | Vector
10:40 AM What’s Next?
Dr. Clemens Reichmann | Vector
11:40 AM
End of the PREEvision UserDay 2021
Gerald Langisch | Vector



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