Webinar Recording


Duration: 50 分

言語: 英語


James Loughlin, Technical Services Consultant for VectorCAST, Vector North America

VectorCAST: Unit Testing Fundamentals Webinar Series – Session 5

Session 5: Environment User Code

Need to learn VectorCAST but do not know where to start? Join us for this five-part webinar series designed to give students a basic understanding of how to use VectorCAST for C unit testing. Each webinar will build on the previous one. Attendance is limited so sign up early!

Session 5 will focus on a third type of user code: environment user code. Environment user code allows the introduction of user global variables into a VectorCAST test case. Attendees will learn the different ways to apply environment user code and how to access the environment user code editor. Finally, how VectorCAST handles void pointers will be discussed.