Webinar Recording


Duration: 63 分

言語: 英語


Kai Jansen

Vector Ethernet Interfaces - Configuration and Migration How To

Compared to serial bus systems such as CAN, FlexRay or LIN, Ethernet-based systems are typically based on a network topology. This often makes measurement as well as simulation and test tasks more complex than we know from serial bus systems. In addition, Ethernet-based systems often use much higher data rates.

The freely configurable Vector Ethernet Interfaces have been designed to meet the above-mentioned requirements. For example, complex hardware filters can be defined to provide tools such as CANoe or CANalyzer with only the data that is of interest in the current application. Depending on the measurement tasks, the interfaces can be freely configured to meet the various measurement, simulation or test use cases.

This free configurability brings a new level of complexity to the setup of Vector Ethernet Interfaces that we have never seen before. The usage of the new Vector Ethernet Interfaces (VN5620, VN5430, VN5450, VN5650 and all following) also requires the migration of existing Vector tool configurations like CANoe and CANalyzer. Within this webinar the migration procedure as well as the configuration of Vector Ethernet interfaces is covered.