Webinar Recording


Duration: 60 分

言語: 英語

Panelists: Markus Fischer

Testing of Security-Protected ECUs and Networks With the Security Manager

Security mechanisms prevent unauthorized access to vehicles and ECUs. This means that vehicle communication cannot be accessed at first, even during development. The Security Manager offers valuable services for testing ECUs anyway.

The Security Manager is the link between the Vector tools and the OEM-specific security implementations. It enables a uniform usage of security functions in the tools. No matter for which OEM you develop your ECU, you save time by only having to familiarize yourself once and then use the same "look and feel" also for different security concepts of the OEMs.

The connection to the OEM security implementations is made via add-ons, which are managed in the Security Manager. In tests and simulations, the Security Manager carries out the security-relevant operations and provides the tool with the results.

Within the webinar we explain the concepts, give an overview on the offered services and do a live demonstration of the software.

Target Group

  • Testing engineers for automotive ECUs, networks and whole systems
  • Cybersecurity testing engineers
  • Engineers which do security analyses
  • CANoe Users