Webinar Recording


Duration: 104 分

言語: 英語

Panelists: Bernhard Marxer

Introduction to Automotive Ethernet

Ethernet- and IP-based communication is used in the automotive industry for several years in the fields of DoIP, flashing, and XCP-on-Ethernet. Now, this communication is in use for intra-vehicle data transmission, too. Within this webinar, you will learn in which areas Ethernet- and IP-based communication is used today and will be used in future. In addition, you get an overview of the used Ethernet technologies and ongoing protocols.


  • Introduction to Ethernet- and IP-based communication
  • Physical layers: IEEE 100BASE-T1, IEEE 1000BASE-T1, IEEE 100BASE-TX
  • Overview of used communication protocols: IP, TCP, and UDP
  • DoIP: Diagnostics over IP
  • SOME/IP: Scalable service-Oriented MiddlewarE over IP