Webinar Recording


Duration: 48 分

言語: 英語


Jeffrey Fortin and Cyril Benkimoun

Ensure Quality and Confidence in a Customer/Supplier Relationship with Squore

Duration of recording: 48 minutes


During the project development process, customers and suppliers both have expectations and commitments related to all objects of the development cycle.


Monitoring quality during development, and ensuring that the delivery meets expected quality levels, increases confidence on the supplier side as the project evolves. On the client side, quality objectives trends provide visibility on the health of the project.


Join us for this webinar recording to explore Squore’s platform capability for increasing confidence through quality monitoring. The webinar addresses:

  • Handling heterogeneous objects from the project lifecycle
  • Ensuring industrial standards compliance
  • Simplifying client/supplier collaboration
  • Automating proven KPI generation