Webinar Recording


Duration: 28 分

言語: 英語

Panelists: Jörg Schäuffele

PREEvision: Product Lines, Reuses and Variants

This webinar highlights the benefits of the comprehensive product line concept of PREEvision and demonstrates how to use it to ensure efficiency in E/E development:

Standard components and proofed designs can be managed in libraries, combined to systems and then be reused. Compared to copying, reusing artifacts allows changes on the basic library artifact that automatically effect all reuses.


PREEvision supports a multi-level library concept and allows the generalization and reintegration of productive data into a library. Model series or individual vehicles can be derived from product lines using the AUTOSAR compliant variant management.


Attendance recommended for

  • E/E architects
  • Product line manager
  • System designer
  • Engineers responsible for dedicated components