Webinar Recording


Duration: 57 分

言語: 英語

Panelists: Udo Schifferdecker and Stefan Leutgeb

View, Edit and Manage UDS based Diagnostic Data in ODX Format using the ECU Perspective

Real duration: 57 minutes

In this webinar you will get an overview on the ECU Perspective of ODXStudio.

This perspective can both be used as a generic viewer on UDS based diagnostic data and as an authoring tool for UDS data complying with the ODX-RS standard.

ODXStudio was designed for all users who participate in an ODX based diagnostic process and who view, edit, process or manage diagnostic data in ODX format. It supports a wide range of development − from individual ECUs to entire vehicles or vehicle platforms. It is equally well suited for users at automotive OEMs as at suppliers.


  • ODXStudio in General
  • Key Features of ODXStudio
  • ECU Perspective as a generic viewer on UDS based diagnostic data
  • Editing ODX-RS compliant data in the ECU Perspective
  • Tool demonstration


Target group

Developers and stake holders of ECU diagnostics and ODX data management