Review: 5th Vector E-Mobility Engineering Day
April 12th, 2018 in Stuttgart
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5th E-Mobility Engineering Day 2018

Exciting and innovative solutions are becoming more available to allow electric mobility to enter the mass-market. Don't miss this unique chance to increase your e-mobility know-how and to share your experiences with representatives of the sector.

Experts and specialists from Vector report on the trending topics:

  • Wireless charging
  • The new role of energy suppliers
  • Application of standards and norms at an OEM
  • New opportunities for public transport

Review 2018

The Vector E-Mobility Engineering Day took place for the 5th time on April 12, 2018 at the Vector Campus in Stuttgart.

143 international participants met with leading experts from industry and science to exchange experiences on new technologies, standards and trends in electromobility.

In her opening presentation, Prof. Ms. Nejila Parspour from the University of Stuttgart presented the "Inductive Electric Excited Synchronous Machine" electric motor and its efficiency advantages for electric cars.

Paul Bertrand from the French technology service for standardization, Smartfuture, spoke about the communication standards for smart grids based on ISO/IEC 15118 and IEC 63110, followed by exciting insights into the V2G platform concept with bidirectional power transmission by Arnaud Szewczyk from the french vehicle manufacturer Renault. Renault already demonstrates its e-competence in the mass market with the ZOE model.

Alex Chen from the semiconductor manufacturer MStar presented the latest activities of the Taiwanese company in the field of powerline communication according to the standard HomePlug Green PHY. Mike Kireeev from ABB, a manufacturer of DC charging solutions, then spoke about the integration of charging systems, demonstrating the challenges involved in setting up a charging infrastructure.

The participants were visibly impressed by the idea of the start-up company EKU Power Drives in the afternoon. Its CEO Leonardo Uriona illustrated how the oil and gas industry can save large sums for maintenance and energy costs of its generators with the help of electric auxiliary motors.

Fabian Eisele from Vector then provided in-depth insights into ISO/IEC 15118 ED2 and especially its innovations for inductive charging.

Thomas Würz from the chip manufacturer Qualcomm reported about his practical experience with dynamic inductive charging. The results of a test track in France, where a charging capacity of 20 kW at a top speed of 120 km/h is achieved, are promising.

Finally, Jan Großmann from Vector spoke about the question of where the interaction between charging infrastructure and vehicle already works smoothly today and how test systems for the Combined Charging System (CCS) secure the products and accelerate their market introduction.

Our guests used the breaks for intensive discussions and to learn more about the e-mobility solutions of Comemso, Scienlab, the Racing Team of the University of Stuttgart, Verisco, CSM and Vector at the accompanying exhibition.

We would like to thank all participants, speakers and exhibitors who contributed to the success of the event.

The Vector event team is looking forward to the continuation of the event series on April 16, 2019.

Technical Article

All Details About the 5th E-Mobility Engineering Day 2018

Ongoing debate about diesel cars has benefited electric mobility by shifting it more into the public spotlight. However, road users are generally unaware of the specific challenges associated with this form of transportation. Specialists are working intensively to fulfill the technical prerequisites for successfully managing the transition.

This year, visitors to the 5th Vector E-Mobility Engineering Day can get an impression of some of the issues involved – vehicle technology, the charging infrastructure and standardization.

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Presentation Download
Inductive Electric Excited Synchronous Machine
Prof.Dr.-Ing. Nejila Parspour, Universität Stuttgart
Last Trends in Communication Standards for E-Mobility
Paul Bertrand, Smartfuture
Platform Implementing V2G Services
Arnaud Szewczyk, Renault
HPGP Introduction MStar
Xiaopeng Chen, MStar Semiconductor Inc.
Its not only about the vehicle
Mike Kireev, ABB
E-Products enable industrial machines to gain flexibility and productivity
Leonardo Uriona, EKU Power Drives
Implementing WPT according to ISO15118
Fabian Eisele, Vector Informatik GmbH
The Future of Urban Mobility
Thomas Würz, Qualcomm Technologies GmbH
Interoperability of Vehicles and Charging
Jan Grossmann, Vector Informatik GmbH



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