Indigo 8.0 SP2

Updates existing installations of version 8.0 to 8.0 SP2. Not suitable for older versions.

With Service Pack 2, the following changes become effective:


  • Indigo as OBDonUDS Scan Tool. (IDG-50643)
    Indigo supports OBDonUDS (J1979-2) diagnostics. This is the new standard for legislative diagnostics. The standard is allowed by 2023 and mandatory by 2027. OBDonUDS describes the mapping of OBD modes to UDS services and further an extension of functionality of OBD diagnostics. Indigo provides new use case windows to visualize OBDonUDS data. Read more in the Indigo "Getting Started" document (chapter 5.4).
  • Newly designed OBDonUDS DTC Browser. (IDG-51221, IDG-51225, IDG-51259)
    The user can readout all OBDonUDS DTC related information. DTC severity class, DTC Status Byte information and the related Snapshot Data Records (first and latest occurred) for an OBDonUDS DTC.
  • Dedicated OBDonUDS Extended Data Record windows. (IDG-51221, IDG-51225, IDG-51259)
    Indigo provides three dedicated windows for the user to read out OBDonUDS Extended Data Record Information: OBDonUDS Test Results per DTC to read out test results of monitors, OBDonUDS Vehicle In-Use Performance Tracking and OBDonUDS Vehicle Supplemental Monitor Activity Data to determine how often monitors run under real driving conditions.
  • OBDonUDS Vehicle Status Window for I/M. (IDG-51210, IDG-51255, IDG-51256)
    The OBDonUDS Vehicle Status window provides I/M information. It provides a quick overview of the readiness of the vehicle and an overview what caused the reason that a readiness group is not completed. The associated DTC and test values are displayed for a non-completed readiness group.
  • Simplified handling of Diagnostic Use Case Windows. (IDG-50648)
    Use Case Windows can now be adapted in the navigation panel and no access via the backstage page is required anymore.
  • Extended the Indigo Plugin Functionality. (IDG-50974)
    In context of a customer project an Indigo Plugin can be developed. The general functionality of a Customer Plugin was extended.
  • Support of Vector Ethernet v3 Hardware. (IDG-51162)
    Besides the Vector v2 Ethernet Hardware now also the Vector Ethernet v3 Hardware and the network based access is supported.
  • CANdelaStudio 16 as viewer for diagnostic data. (IDG-50963)
    CANdelaStudio 16 is now integrated as viewer for cdd files in Indigo.

Issues solved

  • Fixed vFlash-Packs with relative paths do not work. (IDG-50741)
  • UI improvements in Remote Settings Dialog. (IDG-50853, IDG-50855, IDG-50855, IDG-51193)
  • Special handling for interpretation of ASCII new line symbols. (IDG-51022)
  • Fixed Indigo closes after reconnecting VCI. (IDG-51043)
  • Fixed no vFlash Packs can be flashed, that are created with an older version than vFlash 7. (IDG-51107)
  • Fixed VC-EVCC: successful writing sub certificate but failure message. (IDG-51159)
  • Remove update installer from Main Release, Service Pack and Patch versions. (IDG-51245)
  • XIL API: Migrate Example to Indigo 8. (IDG-51251)
  • Fixed overwritten ComParams are not persisted in Indigo project file. (IDG-51257)
  • Several smaller issues solved.


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