Squore 20.1.10 (Windows)

Squore 20.1.10 patch was released on August 20th 2021.

  • Does it include DB upgrade ? No
  • Does it include Wildfly upgrade ? No

See below for more details about the patch content.

Fixed Issue

  • Documentation
  • SQ-4300: Correct missing line break in Measures section
  • Eclipse Plugin
  • SQ-1057: Handle missing dependencies in order to repair Eclipse plugin
  • GUI
  • SQ-404: Do not activate Duplicate As button upon filter validation using the enter key in project creation rules page
  • SQ-1108: Disable Retry apply changes button in Tasks page after a failed apply changes
  • SQ-1388: Consolidate To and From versions coherence in Reapply Model
  • SQ-1547: Repair help page when getting 404 page not found error
  • SQ-3460: Remove other projects comments on Home page when filtering on a single project
  • SQ-3562: Add long artefact path in a tooltip in the Highlights for better readability
  • SQ-4332: Handle trend chart display for metrics that are not declared in model
  • Server
  • SQ-4333: Add check for extensions used in multiple languages when building a project
  • SQ-4353: Keep normal and computed links after reapply model



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MD5 hash : 1633247e523c51560085c3f531726222
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