DaVinci Configurator Pro 5.23.35 SP2

Updates existing installations of version 5.23 to 5.23 SP2. Not suitable for other versions. In case an according license is already activated on your PC no further renewal of this activation is necessary.

With DaVinci Configurator 5.23 (SP2) the following changes become effective:

Miscellaneous Tool Features

  • [ETH] Support for new Socket Description according to AR RfC80313 / AR-3238
  • Base Ecuc Converter: [ASR 4.4] Support multicast-only Ethernet service discovery modelling
  • PB-S Support for Bus Controller Editor
  • ComponentTypeValidationRule: Performance Issue
  • Consider the generation process type (REAL, VTT) when printing the results to the commandline application
  • Performance issue after creating PDU partition references
  • Derive ComIPduSignalProcessing also for TxPorts
  • Add MergeConflict reason related information

Fixed Issues

  • [Workflow Error Reporting] XML schema does not fully support the timestamp format
  • Automation Interface: Executing a DV_EDITOR_MULTI_SELECTION script with only one element selected causes an exception
  • Automation Interface: During Task-Mapping when using option 'queue()' no position in task is set for the created Task-Mapping
  • 'AR-ECUC02027 Integer value out of range' occurs if the SIP contains no Com module
  • Basic editor: '+' key should not create a new item
  • Error BASEECUC61001 is throw even the configuration is correct
  • ConcurrentModificationException during OnDemand Validation
  • EcuC File References deleted during conversion to relative paths
  • EOCGroups Cause Exception in ExecutionOrderConstraintValidationRule
  • Exception in BaseEcuc Generator when checking SecuredIPdus with UserDefinedIPdu payload for dynamic length feature
  • Top Down Service Config: Wrong Conditions for Deriving JobEndCallBack Value
  • Exception in DataMappingValidationRule for DataMappings Without Signal
  • SwcTemplateProducer: MemorySections are not correctly synchronized on Initial Background Validation
  • Task Mapping Editor Cannot Be Used Because of Bad Resizing
  • Deletion of user specific configuration after adding a second extract file to a project
  • Missing DataIdentifier should only be a warning instead of an error
  • E2EProtectionValidator Creates Multiple Protections for One Port
  • Some unusable methods in published api cause script compilation errors
  • Final Update Workflow status might be not up-to-date


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