D-PDU API 1.0 SP15 (64 bit)

Updates existing installations of version 1.0 to 1.0 SP15.

New features and improvements

  • Provide possibility to override Vector Network Interface adapter's MAC address (DPDU-43148)
    Specific Ethernet environments require a dedicated MAC address for Ethernet packets which are sent by the Tester's network interface. It's now possible to configure a MAC address for such environments.
  • Support network-based access mode for next generation of Vector Network Interfaces (DPDU-43178)
    The Vector's next generation Ethernet interfaces (e.g. VN5620) use and require the network-based access which is now supported by the Vector D-PDU API.
  • Support VT6104 and VT6104A Vector Network Interfaces as MVCI modules for CAN (DPDU-43177)
    The VT6104(A) provide four CAN (FD) channels. The Vector D-PDU API implementation now supports the communication over these CAN channels.

Issues solved

  • Allow to configure global BRS (bit rate switch) setting when using CAN FD (DPDU-43175)
    In certain CAN FD network configurations BRS usage isn't desired. The Vector D-PDU API provides a setting to deactivate the BRS usage.


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