CANoe.DiVa 14 SP3

Updates existing installations of the DiVa extension for CANoe from 14 to 14 SP3. You will need an installed DiVa extension on your system to be able to run the update.

Required CANoe version

  • Vector CANoe 14

New Features

  • Updates for various OEM extension

Issues solved

  • Open report was sometimes slow
  • Response validation for responses > 4096 bytes
  • Improved user interface performance for diagnostic data with many parameters
  • Trace items were not correctly exported to Traceability Matrix in some cases
  • CAN FD TP-Tests: No check of STmin between FF and CF


ファイルサイズ : 78.82 MB
MD5 hash : 5231336d9d9b3f7dfb36c97b57c9b533
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