Is it Necessary to do Object Level Coverage to Satisfy DO-178B Level A

Vector’s VectorCAST family of test and verification tools are widely used in the Avionics industry to meet the software certification requirements of DO-178C. We are often presented with the question: “How does VectorCAST satisfy the object level coverage requirement for Level A software?” The answer is “it doesn’t”, as there are no requirements to do object level coverage for any of the structural coverage levels of DO-178C.  

The structural coverage requirements for DO-178C, and specifically the requirements for Level A coverage, are widely misunderstood. Many applicants, vendors, and even some practitioners are under the misimpression that performing object level coverage is required by the standard. Even the definition of what “object coverage” means has been confused in the industry. 

This paper will explain what is required regarding structural coverage analysis.

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