Master the Extended Design Space: Development of Vehicle Functions for Modern E/E Architectures

PREEvision – Technical Article

Model-Based Development of Vehicle Functions for Modern E/E Architectures

How can the extended design space be mastered and converted to added customer value?

Today’s E/E architectures differ from previous architectures in many ways. Inside the vehicle, available tools – in addition to conventional ECUs with limited resources – include high-performance computers with very significant computing power. At the same time, the E/E architecture extends beyond vehicle limits all the way to the IT backend and to mobile end devices. Along with the practice-proven AUTOSAR Classic software platform, AUTOSAR Adaptive and other software platforms will also be used in the future. Unlike in the past, system and functional designers have access to a design space that has been expanded to an extreme level. The challenge is to exploit new degrees of freedom to develop vehicle functions for more customer value. At the same time, growing complexity must also be overcome.

Published in German magazin Elektronik automotive, issue 2/2020

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