CANape 17.0 SP4

タイプ : サービスパック
ファイルサイズ : 2.48 GB
MD5 hash : 8ffd0d2b79dc3d126c283e8e4dc1f88f

Updates existing installations of version 17.0 to 17.0.40 SP4. The following changes become effective with version 17.0.40:

User Operation and Display

  • Added support of non-ISO CAN FD mode under the new Vector license model.
  • Searching for signals inside Symbol Explorer with huge A2L database files is much faster now.
  • URL commands now support optional parameters in the query string.
  • Resolved issues with showing the CANape Help on Windows 10 systems.

Communication Protocols

  • SOME/IP Monitor: Structures containing array elements are interpreted correctly.
  • FlexRay signals on channel B are interpreted correctly now.
  • Support of IPv6-addresses during database import and signal interpretation

Measurement Data Acquisition

  • XCP consistency mode is now available for "Distributed High Performance Recording".
  • "Distributed High Performance Recording" can now copy signals with measurement mode "On measurement start" in each generated MDF-file.
  • XCP: The cyclic time query is deactivated for DAQ timestamps with a low resolution.
  • Virtual ECU signals will be ignored during saving of anonymous measurement configurations (.cnax).
  • Automatic upload of measurement data to the vMDM cloud at the end of a measurement
  • "Distributed High Performance Recording" is now able to generate a MDF names over a CANape script.
  • If the hard disc is full, saving of measurement files will be completed with valid file format even in case of a high data rate.
  • "Distributed High Performance Recording" is now supporting absolute MDF recorder path settings.
  • "Distributed High Performance Recording" is now able to generate a MDF names at any time.

Calibration Data Management (Parameter sets & vCDMstudio)

  • When creating new datasets, the option "Separate A2L directory" generates consistent A2L-directory names.
  • The 64-bit (standard) version of CANape can also use 32-bit checksum DLLs.


  • COM/API: Asap3DiagGetXxxResponseParameter (Raw/Symbolic/Numeric) returns a correct response in case of incorrect calibration.
  • COM/API: Improved behavior during measurement channel optimization when several devices are present.


  • The included vFlash component has been updated to version 5.
  • The specified version of the PAR-file format is correctly used when saving PAR-files.
  • Reduced memory consumption when calibrating values via scripts or when using global variables.
  • HexView v1.12.05 is integrated.
  • The filter options set in the dialog "Save Parameter Set" are correctly restored the next time the action is called.


  • DoIP: Added support for functional diagnostic services.
  • The combination of several identifiers within one request is supported now.


  • DirectShow video encoders are now listed also in 64-bit product versions.
  • Multimedia window keeps references to image data signals of missing MDF files.

Functions and Scripts

  • The Algorithm Designer supports CASL functions with multiple outputs used as function result.
  • Improved structure of the function library
  • Graphical user interfaces simplify the configuration of the library functions.
  • High performance functions for online and offline calculation of signal values
  • New eMobilityAnalyzer function library for high voltage use cases with ready-to-use functions for the calculation of various AC and DC characteristics during measurement or offline analysis

Driver Assistance

  • Improved decoupling of the ADAS displays for more comfortable handling

Measurement Data Visualization and Manual Analysis

  • Fixed issue where CANape running in analysis mode was not able to load MDF files with an error "running in DEMO mode".
  • Loading and displaying of MF4-files with many channel groups (for example when many data buses were recorded) is supported now.
  • Searching for signal values is possible for raw and physical values now.
  • If the CANape product license is missing but a vSignalyzer product license is present, CANape starts in analysis mode supporting the vSignalyzer feature set.

Working with Measurement Files

  • MF4 measurement files containing signal data with variable length (VLSD) can be merged even if the data is stored in distributed blocks.
  • A problem of the MATLAB export converter using the setting "One time channel for all signals" was solved.
  • The MDF shell extension additionally displays the time of measurement stop.
  • The CallConverter can be started multiple times to convert measurement files simultaneously.
  • The GPS import converter supports the "Course" signal of the GPX-file format.
  • The export of measurement files into MATLAB supports the creation of absolute timestamps.
  • Create and display vMDM 2.0 data analysis reports in the vMDM Explorer

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